Wire and Bead Watch Pattern

You can make a beaded watch in just one afternoon.

A wire and bead watch pattern can help you design a unique timepiece that's both pretty and functional.

Getting Started

Making a beaded watch isn't much different than making a beaded bracelet. If you understand how to mix and match various types of beads and feel comfortable adding a clasp to your project, you can make a beaded watch.

Craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Joann Crafts should have a small assortment of watch faces for beading. However, if you don't mind shopping online, you can find a wide variety of watch options on the following Web sites:

  • Fire Mountain Gems, a leader in beading supplies, has an extensive selection of watch faces for beading. Both gold and silver plated watches are available in traditional and contemporary design choices.
  • IBead has a nice assortment of watch faces, along with a special discount for ordering five or more of the same design.
  • Potomac Beads offers watch faces for those in search of truly unique pieces.
  • She Beads has crystal watch faces that will give your project a more formal look.

A Simple Wire and Bead Watch Pattern

If you are already familiar with basic jewelry making techniques, you can make a bead and wire watch in just one afternoon.

Supplies Needed:

  • Watch face
  • Beads of assorted shapes and sizes
  • 20 gauge wire
  • Clasp
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers


  1. Decide on a design for your beaded watch.
  2. Cut eight or nine pieces of wire measuring approximately one inch in length using your wire cutters.
  3. Make a "P" on the end of the first wire using your round nose pliers. Ideally, the loop should have a 1/8 inch inside diameter. For more information, see the WigJig tutorial on How to Make a "P" Loop.
  4. Thread the bead onto the wire.
  5. Close the loop.
  6. Make a "P" loop with the second wire piece.
  7. Open one end of the second "P" loop and slip the wire through one loop of the first link to connect the two pieces. Be careful not to exert too much pressure on the wire, or you'll run the risk of breaking your bead.
  8. Continue making and joining the "P" loops until your watch measures between seven and eight inches in length. Check the sizing against your wrist or a watch you've previously worn if you're not certain how long the band should be.
  9. Attach the clasp to the final loops on each end of the watch. A bar and ring toggle clasp is easiest for most people to open and close, but you may use any type of clasp you feel complements the overall design of your watch.

Additional Beaded Watch Projects

For more great wire and bead watch patterns, check out the following helpful links:

Selling Beaded Watches

Since beaded watches are both attractive and functional, they appeal to a much larger market than handmade beaded bracelets. If you enjoy using wire and bead watch patterns to design unique timepieces, watches can be great crafts to sell. You may wish to take orders from friends and family, set up a table at your local craft show, or sell your watches online using a service such as Etsy.

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Wire and Bead Watch Pattern