Wire Bead People

How to Make Wire Bead People


Wire bead people are a fun way to introduce children to the art of beading. These dolls can be used as playthings in a homemade doll house or hung up to make fun decorations for a child's room. If you made them with red and green beads, you could even use them as Christmas tree ornaments.

Step 1


Cut three long lengths of wire and thread the wires through the beads you want to use as a body. A round bead and a slightly rectangular bead are used in this example, but you can experiment with other shapes if you wish. For example, a large upside down heart could make a nice dress for a female beaded doll.

Use your pliers to make a small loop at the end of the middle wire to keep it from slipping out of your beaded doll.

Step 2


Thread 10 seed beads onto one bottom wire, then add a bead to use as the doll's foot. Make a wire loop at the end to secure the wire. Repeat the process with the other leg.

Step 3


Thread seven seed beads onto the top wire on the far left side. Add a bead to use as the doll's hand, then make a wire loop with your pliers to secure the project. Repeat the process on the top wire on the far right side to make the other doll arm.

Step 4


Add a round bead to the middle wire to make the doll's head. Make a loop that is large enough for hanging your creation.

Step 5


Adjust the position of your wires to make it look like your person is moving. Try experimenting to see if you can make it look like your wire bead people are dancing, playing sports, or waving hello.

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Wire Bead People