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Probably the best way to save money on your crafting addiction is to find a reliable wholesale craft supply source. Buying craft supplies in bulk is a good way to save money and get access to products you might not find in your local craft store.

How Wholesale Craft Supply Works

There are many, many different companies willing to sell crafts supplies at wholesale prices, or at least who claim to be selling at wholesale prices. Wholesale craft supply prices are the prices that craft stores pay for supplies direct from manufacturers or wholesalers.

With the advent of the Internet, regular people have been able to get in on the discounting action as well. This is a huge advantage because craft stores always mark up their prices well beyond what they pay wholesale for the item. That makes sense, of course, because otherwise the store wouldn't make any money. Still, if you can find a reliable wholesale craft supply source you'll save a lot of money versus buying at even the least expensive craft store.

The catch is that there are many wholesale craft supply websites that follow the traditional definition and sell items wholesale only to those who can prove they are reselling items. This usually means presenting your taxpayer identification number and a tax certificate to prove you're in business selling crafts or craft supplies.

Wholesale Craft Supply for the Rest of Us

Assuming you aren't a professional crafter and don't run your own craft store, you can still take advantage of lower prices on craft supplies, if you're willing to do a little legwork. It would probably be more accurate to call these "discount" craft suppliers instead of wholesale, because you probably aren't getting true wholesale prices, just a discount on what you would pay retail.

These discount or wholesale to the public websites can have their own conditions that make it a little more difficult than just going to the site, picking out what you want and buying it. Many have minimum orders or other requirements that you must meet in order to shop there. That's why some research is often necessary in order to get a good deal on wholesale craft supply.

"Wholesale" Craft Supply Links

  • Create for Less has prices between retail and wholesale, and while there are no minimum purchase requirements, individual items have purchase multiples, so you have to buy several of the same item to get the discount. This may be worth it if they have a good price on something you use a lot of.
  • Creative Wholesale has the same prices for retail and wholesale, and does not appear to have any minimums or other requirements. The site is very slow loading.
  • JewelrySupply.com has no minimums and offers discounts on items bought in multiples. The price for one item might not be much lower than you can find it other places.
  • It doesn't really count, but you can buy some craft supplies on Overstock. The selection will vary widely depending on what wholesalers are trying to get rid of, but you can find good deals if you're patient.
  • There are always bargains on ebay.

Tips for Wholesale Craft Supply

You can find more wholesale craft supply options by searching wholesale craft supply, overstock craft supply, discount craft supply or other similar terms in your favorite search engine.

Sites have different ways of telling you who can buy from them and what requirements are in place, so you might have to hunt around the site a little to find out the details. Look for pages called terms, ordering information, frequently asked questions or terms and conditions to find out if wholesale means wholesale or just a good deal for you.

Some sites have minimums but do not require a taxpayer number. If you find one of these sites, get together with some crafty friends and pool your resources and your order. You'll all save money and score lots of great supplies.

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Wholesale Craft Supply