Wedding Gift Craft Ideas for Children

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Wedding gift craft ideas for children are a great way to get your kids involved in an upcoming celebration. Whether your child is 6 or 16, try out some of these easy and fun crafts to give to the happy couple!

Easy Wedding Gift Craft Ideas for Children

The following crafts are very easy to make, but you will need at least a day or two before the event to ensure they have dried completely.

Do Not Disturb Door Hangers

Materials Needed:

  • White foam door hangers
  • Fabric paint in your favorite colors


  1. This fun craft is perfect for even the youngest child to make. While you may want to write out "Do Not Disturb" for young children making this craft, they can decorate the rest of the door hanger themselves.
  2. Encourage the children to add little scribbles, swirls, hearts and dots as decorations.
  3. Allow to completely dry before wrapping.

Age: 6 and Up

Bride's Sneakers

Materials Needed:

  • 1 pair of white sneakers in the bride's size
  • Foam, puff or glitter paint in gold or silver
  • Trimmings such as sequins and beads, if desired
  • Fabric glue, if using trimmings
  • 1 yard of white satin ribbon, if the sneakers aren't slip-ons


  1. This craft is fun for children because it allows for personal expression and creativity. To make these sneakers, start on a protected flat surface. Decorate the sneakers one at a time and keep them separated to avoid any smears.
  2. First, decorate with the paint. Make small designs such as swirls and dots. You may even want to write, "Bride" or "Here Comes the Bride" on the sides of the shoes.
  3. Once the paint has dried completely, you can decorate with trimmings. Make sure you use enough of the fabric glue so that the items won't fall off later.
  4. Allow the glue to dry completely. Check that the trimmings are on well and add more glue if necessary.
  5. Finish sneakers that aren't slip-ons with white satin ribbons for shoelaces and tie the ends in small knots so they won't unravel. This gift is perfect for the wedding or as a bridal shower gift. The bride can wear them to dance in at her wedding and on her honeymoon.

Age: 8 and up

His and Hers Sun Visors

Materials Needed:

  • 2 white foam sun visors from a craft store
  • Foam paint or puff paint; 1 tube of each in gold and black


  1. To make this craft, lay the visors down on a protected flat surface. Write lightly in pencil the outline of the word "His" on one of the visors and "Hers" on the other. It may help to get these words straight on the visor by making a small mark on the middle of the visor and using it as a guide for the middle letters of each word.
  2. Once you have finished making the outlines of the words, carefully fill in each letter with the gold paint. Allow the letters to dry completely.
  3. Next, outline each of the letters with the black paint and allow to dry completely. This craft is perfect for the wedding day gift or as a bridal shower gift.

Age: Tweens and Teens

Glycerin Soaps

Materials Needed:

  • Glycerin soap blocks from a craft store
  • Soap dye colors
  • Soap molds such as bells, circles, squares, ovals and flowers
  • Essential oils to scent the soap if desired
  • Small items to place in the soaps if desired, such as small plastic wedding bells, miniature bride and groom or tiny flowers


  1. Since making glycerin soap requires using a microwave or stove top to melt the glycerin, only older kids should attempt this craft. The glycerin should come with instructions on how to melt the soap blocks. Either microwave it in a bowl that can't melt until it is a liquid, or melt it on your stove top using a double boiler.
  2. Once the soap has completely melted, add the color and scent if desired. (Carefully follow the product directions, especially for the essential oils.) Pour the soap into the prepared molds. Pour it halfway if you are going to add a miniature, or to the top of the mold if you aren't adding any miniatures. Allow completely filled soap molds to cool completely.
  3. For soaps that you are adding miniatures to, only allow the soap to slightly harden so that you may add the miniatures easily. Once the soap has hardened completely with the miniatures in it, add the second half of the liquid soap to top off the molds. Allow the liquid soap to cool slightly before adding it to these soap molds.
  4. While some people may want to put the filled molds in the refrigerator or freezer to speed up the hardening process, don't. You'll end up with moisture beads forming on the soap, which will ruin your hard work.
  5. Finish the soaps by carefully trimming any uneven edges with a knife. Individually wrap the soaps in plastic wrap or place them in a gift basket for presentation.

Age: 13 and up

Handmade Gifts for a Special Day

Wedding gift craft ideas for children don't have to be expensive or time consuming. All you need is a few inexpensive items easily found at your local craft store or retail store and a day or two before the event. These crafts are often the most memorable items that the bride and groom will receive because they express a child's creativity and love for the new couple.

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