Top Ways to Make Money Crafting

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If you're interested in turning your hobby into a source of supplemental income, you may find yourself searching for the top ways to make money crafting. Earning money as a crafter isn't easy, but it can be done!

5 Top Ways to Make Money Crafting

Obviously, the most popular way to make money selling crafts is to set up a booth at a local craft show. However, this is by no means the only opportunity you have to turn your skills into some extra cash.

Sell Crafts Online

The trouble with selling merchandise at a traditional craft show is that these events only take place on special occasions. You also need to travel to the event, pay a registration fee, and have people on hand to physically staff your booth. When you sell crafts online, however, your merchandise can instantly be seen by people throughout the world. While it's true there is more competition when selling online, the convenience of e-commerce and the lower overhead costs make this option well worth considering.

Although a lot of crafters have had success selling handmade items on eBay, you may be better off selling on Etsy. Unlike eBay, Etsy is devoted exclusively to handmade merchandise. This ensures that people visiting the site are already aware of the time, effort, and creativity that you've put into your products.

Sell Patterns or Kits

If you're not comfortable selling finished crafts online, another great way to earn money is by selling patterns or project kits. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Sell downloadable patterns for sewing, quilting, or embroidery
  • Assemble kits with everything a beginning beader needs to make a necklace or bracelet, including instructions and a photograph of the finished design
  • Sell pre-made scrapbooks that people just need to add their own photos to in order to finish the album
  • Create craft projects geared towards a specific niche market, such as children or people with disabilities

Sell Craft Supplies

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Selling craft supplies is another great way to make money from your hobby. While most people are familiar with Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, and other similar home party plans, you may want to keep in mind that there are a number of direct sales companies looking for consultants with a passion for crafting. For example, Touchstone Crystal lets you sell jewelry kits that can be personalized. Consultants host home parties that introduce novice crafters to the basics of beading, hopefully inspiring them to attempt more complicated projects in the future.

Teach Other Crafters

Although it's certainly possible to learn a new craft through books, magazine articles, and online tutorials, there are still lots of people who prefer to be taught by a person who is available to answer questions when they get stuck. If you have the patience to demonstrate your skills to others, you can look for teaching opportunities in the following areas:

  • Classes taught at large craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or specialty retailers such as scrapbooking shops and knitting stores
  • Community centers
  • Community college continuing education classes
  • Classes given to children as entertainment for birthday parties and other special events
  • Private instruction for interested individuals

Write about Your Hobby

If you have strong communications skills, writing about your favorite craft hobby can be a wonderful way to earn some extra money. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Create a blog with postings about your latest crafting endeavors and make money from Google advertising or affiliate links
  • Submit how-to articles to sites such as eHow or Bukisa and earn money from revenue sharing programs
  • Apply for freelance writing jobs for publications that specialize in covering craft-related topics

Crafters who have the ability to shoot and edit video may want to keep in mind that many Web sites will also accept video tutorials demonstrating various craft projects.

Additional Information

For more tips on how to find the top ways to make money crafting, please check out the LoveToKnow Crafts article How to Start a Craft Business: Interview with Bramble Berry's Anne-Marie Faiola. You can also find a variety of articles on successful home-based self employment by visiting the LoveToKnow Business channel.

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