Sunday School Crafts

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Fun and easy Sunday school crafts are a great way to keep kids interested and engaged. Because they are a hands-on activity, craft projects can help kids learn lessons and retain information.

Tips for Making Crafts in Sunday School

Undertaking a craft project with several young children requires a little prior planning. When you use Bible craft projects to help teach a Sunday school lesson, it's helpful to keep a few things in mind:

  • Make sure the crafts are age appropriate. One of the benefits of a hands-on activity is that it helps retain kids' attention, but a craft that's too hard or too easy will prevent kids from really focusing on the lesson.
  • Have supplies ready ahead of time. There's nothing worse than trying to keep kids under control while you search for your scissors or glue. If possible, have everything ready before the kids arrive.
  • Connect the craft project to that day's lesson. If the activity is related, it will help kids remember what they learned in Sunday school. A well chosen craft project can really underline that day's message.
  • Choose a craft project that requires a minimum amount of assistance from adults. Activities like using scissors can be challenging and dangerous for young kids. If you have a Sunday school class with several preschoolers, you don't want to be spread too thin. Find a craft that is fun, safe, and easy for everyone!

Ideas for Sunday School Crafts

The Internet is an excellent place to find fun craft projects for your Sunday school class. Many websites offer free craft ideas that have been time tested. With the amazing activity suggestions on these sites, you'll be able to come up with a new religious craft project for each week!

  • Sunday School has over 300 ideas for religious craft projects. The activities have varying age levels, so you'll easily find one that's perfect for your class. Directions are clear and easy to follow, and they include a list of supplies.
  • Another great resource for fun religious crafts is Faith Sunday School Bible Bytes. Crafts are divided by kids reading ability and age, and there are fun ideas like a three-dimensional baby Moses and a Bible boat. Bible references are included for each craft, making it easy to connect the activity to that day's lesson.
  • For another fun religious craft site, take a look at DLTK's Printable Crafts for Kids. This website has coloring pages you can print, as well as craft projects that can be sorted by materials needed. Crafts are clearly marked with appropriate age ranges.
  • Bible Kids Fun Zone requires an inexpensive membership fee, but this site has a wealth of information about religious crafts for preschoolers. You'll find crafts sorted by themes for preschoolers, as well as common Bible themes.
  • You'll find a large selection of affordable Bible crafts at This website divides crafts by Bible story or theme and also includes a good selection of printable Bible coloring pages.

Where to Find Affordable Craft Supplies for Your Project

Since most Sunday school classes have a relatively modest budget, it makes sense to find good deals on craft supplies. To save money, you can shop end-of-season sales and watch the paper for coupons from your favorite craft store. Many Sunday school crafts also use everyday objects as supplies. You can get parents involved by asking them to save egg cartons, baby food jars, or other useful items. You don't need a huge budget to make fun crafts with your Sunday school class!

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Sunday School Crafts