Stamped Cross Stitch

Stamped Cross Stitch

If you're just getting started in the world of cross stitch, or are just looking for something different to try, consider stamped cross stitch.

Stamped cross stitch is exactly what it sounds like. Companies design cross stitch patterns that are then stamped onto fabric (either regular counted cross stitch cloth or plain fabric such as dishtowels).

The consumer then stitches over the stamping and when it is finished it looks like regular counted cross stitch. The only difference is that instead of having a paper pattern to follow you stitch what you see printed on the fabric.

Working Stamped Cross Stitch

This type of cross stitch is sometimes printed on the fabric in the same colors that you will use to stitch the pattern. These projects are very easy to complete because all you have to do is follow the squares and the color of the squares that you see.

Other patterns are just printed in blue or black and you still have to follow a printed pattern to get the colors right.

Buying Supplies

Stamped cross stitch is usually found in kits that come with all the thread that you need. These patterns are often for things like baby quilts or intricate patterns for framing. They come in all sorts of sizes and motifs.

Many of these patterns are suitable for beginners because having the pattern stamped on the fabric makes it a little easier to follow a pattern. But that doesn't mean there aren't intricate, beautiful designs involved that can interest even the most experienced stitcher.

Online Sources

You probably will be able to find some kits at your local craft store, even if you don't have a store with a big selection of cross stitch kits.

If you'd like to see a wider array of choices, head to the Internet. Here are some sources for great patterns:

  • ABC Stitch has a great collection of quilts, stockings, Christmas ornaments and wall hangings.
  • Plaid is a great source for all sorts of crafting supplies, and they have a huge array of patterns, from home décor to samplers, baby items and patterns for special occasions.
  • If you don't have a Joann store in your area, and even if you do, check out the website for a selection of hundreds of kits, organized by designer.

Tips for Completing Your Project

Stamped cross stitch is much easier to work with than complex patterns that aren't stamped on the fabric. But there are a few things to keep in mind when using this type of pattern.

  • Make sure that if your pattern does not come in a kit that you have all the thread you need before getting started. Purchase an embroidery hoop to help hold your work steady.
  • Stitch only where you see color printed, and try not to cover up any areas of the pattern that are white, that is, the squares that aren't filled in with color or stamped in any way.
  • To make it easier on yourself, start from the center of the pattern and work your way out. Stitch with the thread that is the color you see printed on the fabric, if your fabric is printed in color.
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Stamped Cross Stitch