Soap Making Ideas

Creative Soap Making Ideas

Soap making ideas aren't hard to find, regardless of your skill level with this craft. Experimenting with molds, colors, fragrances, and special additives is a wonderful way to make a one-of-a-kind product. Just remember to take careful notes as you work, so you can duplicate your soap later on if desired.

Swirled Soap Bars

Creating decorative swirls in a plain bar of a soap is a simple way to jazz up your project. The process is similar to making swirled brownies, as you drag a knife through the bar to mix the different colors of soap together.

Chunk Soaps

Melt and pour soaps made with different chunks of colored soap look pretty, but aren't difficult at all to make. You simply create the chunks, arrange them in your mold, then do an overpour with the base color of soap after it has cooled to approximately 120 degrees. (If the overpour is too hot, it will cause your soap chunks to melt.)

Decorative Soap Molds

Soap molds are available in many different shapes, which makes it possible to create specialty soaps for any occasion imaginable. You can also use small cookie cutters if you're on a tight budget. One example of fun soap making ideas involves packaging tiny heart shaped soaps in a recycled candy box for a calorie-free Valentine's Day gift.

Extra Ingredients

Adding special ingredients to your soaps can make them seem like pampering treats from a luxurious spa. Honey is a good additive for handmade soaps, as are oatmeal and shea butter.

Creative Packaging

When giving handmade soaps as a gift, don't forget to take the time to come up with creative packaging ideas. Even something as simple as adding a strip of patterned paper and a ribbon bow to your soap can make it seem like a very special present.

Complementary Products

Once you've mastered basic soap making techniques, you may decide to use some of your leftover supplies to make coordinating items like bath salts and body lotions.

You can check out the LoveToKnow Crafts article Body Lotion Recipes for more information.

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Soap Making Ideas