Creative DIY Note Card Ideas

Note Card Ideas to Delight

If you love making your own cards, these handmade note card ideas can help you create meaningful greetings for the special people in your life. From holiday cards to notes "just because," these DIY cards will delight.

Simple Congratulations Card

You can make a simple note card to congratulate someone on a new job, graduation, or other accomplishment. Simply use a plain craft card and draw a banner on it using your choice of pen color. Then write your message on the banner. You can embellish this basic design in lots of ways, including adding photos, glitter, original drawings, and more. A colored envelope makes it feel fancy.

Big Stamped Designs

Make a gift of a package of beautiful note cards. Starting with some plain cards, use a large rubber stamp in a mandala shape or lacy design to make a delicate pattern to cover the front of each card. Pair them with envelopes and tie them together with some twine or ribbon. This makes a wonderful going-away gift or a simple little birthday gift for a friend.

Note Cards With Paper Cutting

If you love trying new paper cutting designs or practicing the art of kirigami, put those skills to work with note cards. You can make your holiday cards this way or just create some beautiful everyday stationary.

DIY Note Cards For Kids

Kids can get in on the fun too with simple monster note cards. These make great birthday party invitations or thank you notes. To make them, simply fold a piece of colored cardstock in uneven thirds. Attach some googly eyes and cut out teeth, antennae, and other monster features.

Adorable DIY Photo Cards

Use your extra scrapbooking supplies to make custom photo cards. These note cards can be birth announcements, simple notes just to say hi, or even holiday photo cards. To make them, print up a great photo and use double-sided tape to attach it to a pretty frame. You can use decorative scissors or punches to cut the photo and frame in a scalloped design.

A Quilled Christmas Note

If you enjoy paper quilling, note cards are a great way to put that skill to use. Create quilled designs on Christmas cards by making a tree from green paper and a star from red. If you're a beginner, this is also a good way to practice your quilling skills.

Washi Tape Note Cards

Create a birthday note card with washi tape. Use fun patterned washi tape to make four candles. Add some layered paper for flames and draw a wick with a black pen. You can add a custom message on the outside too if you like.

Stack of Gifts Note Cards

Celebrate a birthday, the holidays, a wedding shower, or a new baby with a note card design featuring a simple stack of gifts. Cute three presents out of patterned paper and glue them to the card. Use thin washi tape or adhesive ribbon to add bows. Add a sentimental quote inside.

Stamped Baloons

You can make a birthday party invitation or any other festive note card with a simple balloon stamp, which you can find at any craft store. Use multiple colors of ink for a super festive feel or stick to one color for a monochromatic design.

No matter what style of note card you create, these DIY cards are a great way to show your love. Give several as a gift or send one to tell someone special you're thinking of her.

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Creative DIY Note Card Ideas