How to Use Knifty Knitter

Learning How to Use Knifty Knitter Looms

A hat is one of the best projects to make when learning how to use Knifty Knitter looms. To begin, you'll need a round loom, knitting hook, plastic needle, scissors, and one or two colors of bulky yarn. In the standard Knifty Knitter set, the blue loom makes a baby's hat, while the red loom makes a child's hat and the green loom makes an adult hat. The yellow loom is used to make a large adult hat.

Begin the Project

Wrap your yard around the starting peg on the side of the loom, leaving two to four inches of slack. Begin wrapping the yarn around the circle, four times in all. (This "double wrapping" will make a warm winter hat. If you aren't concerned about warmth, wrap the yarn twice.)

Making the First Row of Knitting

Using the Knifty Knitter hook, pull the first two rows of yarn loops over the second two rows. When you're finished, push the knitting back down to the bottom of the loom with your hands. Wrap the yarn around the pegs twice more, then use the hook to pull the bottom two loops over the top two loops.

Making a Hat Brim

When you have between three and five inches of knitted fabric, pull the bottom loops up over the corresponding pegs on the top of the loom and proceed to knit a standard row. This will make a thick brim for your hat.

Changing Colors to Make the Base

Change colors of yarn by cutting the threads and tying a secure knot. Continue wrapping and knitting pegs usual until the hat is the size you want to make. (Use a hat you know will fit the recipient of the project as a guide.)

Finishing Your Hat

Cut a 12-18 inch piece of yarn and thread it through the plastic needle that came with your Knifty Knitter loom set. Stitch around your loom, then use the purple Knifty Knitter hook to pull the knitted project off the pegs. Gather the strings together and tie into a tight knot to finish the project. Tuck lose threads inside the hat and trim as needed.

The Completed Project

Enjoy your new hat! Although learning how to use Knifty Knitter looms can seem difficult at first, the process gets much easier with practice. Soon, you'll be able to design unique knitted items for all your friends and family.

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How to Use Knifty Knitter