How to Draw an Easter Bunny

Draw an Easter Bunny, Step One

Knowing how to draw an Easter Bunny will allow you to create all kinds of fun things. Make your own wall decorations, coloring pages, or puppets with this fun pattern.

Although this is done in pen to make it easier to see, you will want to use pencil so you can ease the lines that you don't want to show.

An Easter bunny is not difficult to draw. It is just a matter of looking at the shapes involved and copying them. For this bunny, begin with an egg shape.

Step Two

Next you will want to draw a round shape for his head. Overlap the body oval slightly. Where you put the head will make a difference in the position of the Easter bunny when it is finished.

Remember, you will be erasing the lines when you are done so don't worry about them now.

Add the Tail

Now that you have the body and head you will want to add the tail. You can locate the tail a little higher or lower than in the picture to change the look and position of the bunny.

Make a circle in the place that you want the tail to be.

Adding the Ears

The ears can be placed anywhere on the head that looks good to you. They are made by drawing long ovals, almost as if you were drawing a daisy petal.

You can make one ear bend down slightly to give the bunny a comical look, or you can bend both ears down. They can even be straight up; it is totally up to you. Just keep the bottoms attached to the head and the tips of the ears slightly narrower.

You can give your bunny many different looks when you know how. To draw an Easter bunny the way you want may take a little practice. Don't be afraid to erase and begin again.

Back Legs and Feet

The back leg is drawn as one large circle and the feet are created from ovals. You can position the feet anywhere that seems right to you.

Beginning the Face

Draw two circles at the lower edge of the head. This will make the face of your bunny. These two circles will create the bunny's cheeks.

Make an arch at the top of the two circles, connecting them. This will create the nose.

Finish the Bunny

Starting at the top of the checks draw two upside down "U" shapes. These will be the bunny's eyes. Give him pupils in his eyes by drawing circles within the eye.

Draw two ovals where the bottom of the cheeks come together, this will create his teeth.

Finally, draw a circle on top by the eyes to make a nose for your bunny.

Erase all the lines that you don't need and color the bunny any way you like.

How to Draw an Easter Bunny Face

It is just as easy to draw an Easter bunny's face. Just look for the shapes.

Adding the Eyes

Add an upside down "U" shape for the top of the head. Now, put in the eyes just as you did with the other Easter Bunny, by drawing two smaller upside down "U" shapes.

Finally, add the ears.

Finish the Easter bunny by coloring in the face any way you like.

You can add a bow to his neck, a hat or hair to his head, or even a mustache. It is completely up to you.

Use these patterns with other Easter crafts to keep your house decorated and your kids busy this Easter.

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How to Draw an Easter Bunny