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School Bus Crafts

Dana Hinders
girl getting on school bus

School bus crafts can be a wonderful way to prepare your children for going back to school.

School Bus Crafts for Younger Children

With young crafters, it's best to keep your school bus crafts as simple as possible. A child who feels frustrated by an overly complicated project is likely to decide that crafting is no fun at all. To make the experience as enjoyable as possible, stick to projects with less than five steps or those which can be completed in about 20 minutes. Read all of the directions for the project carefully, and make sure you have the necessary supplies readily available. If you have to stop the project to hunt for scissors or glue, your little crafter is likely to wander off to a new activity.

Here are some projects appropriate for young children:

  • DLTK Kids has an assortment of simple crafts and activities relating to the popular song "The Wheels on the Bus.
  • Show Kids the Fun has instructions for how to help children make a simple school bus picture frame. This is perfect for displaying formal school pictures, as well as candid snapshots of your child and his friends.

Crafts for Older Children

Older children have the patience and hand-eye coordination necessary to complete more complicated school bus crafts. An older child may also enjoy creating crafts to give as handmade gifts for a favorite teacher or the school bus driver.

Here are some projects appropriate for older children:

  • Gifts U Can Make has instructions for assembling a "School Bus Driver" survival kit that kids could make to give to their favorite bus driver as a show of appreciation.
  • Styrofoam Crafts suggests making a school bus collage to showcase favorite photos or other back to school memorabilia.
  • Free Kids Crafts has instructions for making a beaded school bus key chain using pony beads and plastic lacing cord.
  • has directions for an adorable school bus cake that kids could decorate as part of a back to school celebration.

Free Fonts and Clip Art

If your children like to come up with their own craft project ideas, encourage their creativity by downloading free fonts and clip art that they can use to decorate their projects. SPS School Bus is an adorable font that you can use to add interest to scrapbook pages, homemade greeting cards, or other fun paper crafts. School Clip Art has a nice selection of school bus graphics you can use for various craft projects. If you happen to have self-adhesive sticker paper handy, Lee Hansen has a great download for free printable school bus stickers that your child may enjoy using in his craft projects.

Although free fonts and clip art can be great resources for frugal crafting, please keep in mind that you should not allow children to download files to your computer unless you're able to provide proper supervision. Even on a crafting website, it's easy for children to accidentally click on an advertising link and be taken to a site that may not be appropriate. Children also tend to have trouble understanding concerns about online privacy and exposure to computer viruses.

More Back to School Craft Ideas

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