Rubber Stamping on Canvas

Acrylic Paint Set
Acrylic paints are great for stamping on canvas.

Rubber stamping on canvas is a great way to add a new dimension to your crafting projects.

Getting the Most from Your Stamp Collection

In most cases, people interested in rubber stamping start by creating handmade greeting cards or making embellishments for their scrapbook layouts. However, once you've invested a fair amount of time and money into amassing a collection of stamping supplies, it's natural to find yourself searching for other ways to put these crafting materials to good use. Stamping on canvas is a great way to design unique items for your home décor while challenging yourself creatively.

Rubber stamping on canvas can refer to:

  • Stamping on bits of canvas fabric, such as a tablecloth or a tote bag.
  • Stamping on stretched canvas to create wall art, such as a canvas with a stamped name or a favorite saying

Although some projects involve only stamped designs, it's common for crafters to incorporate other techniques into their canvas rubber stamping. Sewing ribbon, buttons, or decorative trim onto a stamped tote bag can add a special touch. If you're making canvas wall art, you could try personalizing the piece by using decoupage to incorporate copies of favorite photos into your design. Collage style canvases, also known as altered art projects, are popular as well. If you have small charms or bits of memorabilia you'd like to use for your project, feel free to experiment until you have a design that you love.

Tips for Rubber Stamping on Canvas

When rubber stamping on canvas, it's important to make sure you're choosing the correct stamps for your project. Typically, bolder-styled stamps such as geometric prints, letters, or semi-abstract flowers work best for stamping on canvas. The rough texture of the material makes detailed stamp images hard to see.

If you don't have a big enough stamp for your project, keep in mind that you can easily layer a series of smaller stamps to make a larger image. For example, a series of small flowers can be arranged into a bouquet or a hearts can be used to make a border around the edge of the canvas.

While it is possible to use craft ink for stamping on canvas, most people prefer to stamp with acrylic paints. Apply the paint with a foam sponge brush, working quickly to make sure the paint does not dry before you've had a chance to stamp your image. If you're mixing two or more colors to make a custom shade for your stamping, make sure you mix enough paint for the whole project. Recreating a color precisely can be very difficult.

If you have a tendency to blur your images when rubber stamping, try standing up. This will make it easier to press firmly and avoid rocking.

Artist bristle brushes can be used to fill in gaps in your stamped image, if needed. Choose a small tipped brush with firm bristles for the best results.

Wood, Acrylic, or Foam?

It's fine to use stamps you already have for stamping on canvas, but you may want to look into purchasing foam stamps if you're considering adding to your collection for this project. Foam stamps work very well for stamping with acrylic paint and they tend to have the bold designs that are ideal for stamping on textured canvas. Additionally, they are inexpensive and easy to clean. If you wish, you can even make your own foam stamps.

Additional Information

You can learn more about altered art and rubber stamping on canvas by visiting the following helpful Web sites:

  • Scrap Jazz has a simple tutorial that explains how to make your own canvas wall art.
  • Scrapbook Crazy suggests turning your finished canvas into a custom clock.
  • Prairie Paper and Ink showcases a set of gorgeous canvases decorated with shimmery butterflies.
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