Rubber Stamping Coloring Techniques

Stamping Coloring Techniques

There are many different rubber stamping coloring techniques you can use to add interest to your stamped images. By experimenting with different methods of stamping, you can create a number of looks from the same rubber stamp.

Colored Pencils

Use colored pencils to color in your design. If you don't have any in your craft area, swipe some from your kids!


Dig out your watercolors and paint your stamped image. Don't worry about being perfectly neat, part of the appeal of this technique is giving your stamped image a more "homespun" look.

Two Ink Colors

One of the easiest rubber stamping coloring techniques is to simply stamp with two different colors of ink. Choose colors in the same general family for a nice blended look.


Color your stamp with markers. Gently "huff" on the stamp when you're finished coloring to remoisten the ink before making your impression.

Chalk and Watermark Ink

Stamp with VersaMark watermark ink, then apply chalk over the design.

Metallic Embossing

Use metallic embossing powder to give your image a dramatic look.

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Rubber Stamping Coloring Techniques