Punch Needle Craft Kits

punch needle craft kits
Needle punching uses simple supplies.

If you're interested in learning a new type of needlework or want to expand your repertoire of punch needle embroidery skills, punch needle craft kits can be very helpful. These kits will include almost everything you need to create a lovely work of art.

What Is Punch Needle Embroidery?

Also called "Russian punch embroidery" or "needle punching," this type of embroidery involves using a special tool to create designs on a piece of fabric.You use a punch needle to make loops of thread on the front of the design, giving great dimension and texture to the finished piece. Punch needle embroidery can be used alone or in conjunction with traditional embroidery.

Needle punching is thought to have originated in Russia, where craftsmen used it to embellish religious garments. In the 1880s, women took up this craft as a way to add texture to crazy quilts. By the 1930s, needle punching was very popular. Today, manufactured punch needles and a wide variety of craft kits have led to a resurgence of interest in this craft.

A Simple Technique with Lots of Options

To make beautiful punch needle embroidery, you really only need to know one basic stitch. The pattern is printed on the back of the fabric and you use a punch needle tool to make a simple running stitch. To change the size of the loops on the front, you simply have to change to a larger or smaller punch needle. Variations in texture can also be achieved by using a wide variety of materials to create the design, including thread, embroidery floss, yarn, and ribbon.

Interestingly, using a craft kit for punch needle embroidery still allows you a great deal of artistic freedom. Although you are using a prescribed design, you'll find that no two finished projects are exactly the same. This is because needle punching is all about texture. Ultimately, you decide exactly how long you want each loop to be, giving the finished piece a look that is all your own.

Sources for Punch Needle Craft Kits

Want to create something special with this fun craft? You may be able to find a few needle punching kits at your local craft store, but you'll most likely have the best selection if you shop online. Popular designs include bouquets of flowers, animals, and landscapes.

Here are a few great sources for punch needle craft kits:

  • Folk and Fiber has kits related to a variety of needle crafts, including punch needle embroidery. These kits are focused on simple, primitive designs, so they make excellent options for the beginner.
  • Uptown Sales is a hobby shop with supplies for a wide variety of crafts and hobbies, but they have a really great selection of simple punch needle designs. These kits come with thread, fabric, and instructions, and they are very affordable.
  • Punch Needle Marketplace is an aptly named store with an excellent selection. You'll find fabric, tools, fibers, and kits that contain most of the supplies you need to make a beautiful piece of punch needle embroidery.

Helpful Tips

As you look for a punch needle kit, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Most kits do not include tools. You'll need to buy your punch needles separately.
  • Consider purchasing a book on needle punching. Amazon.com has many great options.
  • Experiment with loop size. With time, you'll learn which loop lengths work best in each situation.
  • Have fun! Needle punching is an enjoyable and easy craft.
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Punch Needle Craft Kits