Pony Beading Patterns

Pony beads

Pony beads are perfect for children and beading beginners to work with with their bright colors and ease of handling. You create unique jewelry, home décor and gift items with these beads using patterns you can view and print online.

Free Pony Beading Patterns

Pony beads are so versatile that they can be used to create anything from bracelets to wall hangings once you get used to working with them. Start off with small simple projects and work your way up to more intricate designs.

Make this easy pony bead heart out of three colors of beads. Use the finished product as a necklace, key chain holder or to give as a gift. Click on the photo for a printable pattern.

Pony bead heart
Make This Pony Bead Heart

More Patterns

Pony beads are quite popular, and it's easy to find fun patterns to use to create your own pieces. Here are a few good ones to try:

  • Metallic Pony Bead Elastics: Instructions for making large and small ponytail holders out of metallic pony beads and elastic cord.
  • Butterfly Bracelet: This bracelet uses round and heart shaped beads and would be perfect for kids new to pony beads.
  • Beaded Cross Hanging: This is a very simple wall hanging that doesn't require weaving the beads; perfect for beginners.
  • Beaded Napkin Rings: Instructions for making a very simple napkin holder out of red and green beads with elastic cord.
  • A String of Numbers: This project teaches kids how to create strings of numbers by stringing colored beads onto elastic cord.
  • Personalized Sunglass Strap: This is a very simple project that involves both pony beads and lettered beads to make a glasses holder.
  • Beaded Pokemon Ball: This project weaves the pony beads together to create a Pokemon image. Some knowledge of bead weaving is required to complete it.
  • Kandi Cuff: Kandi Patterns has a tutorial on how to create a pony bead cuff. The basic instructions for weaving the beads can be used to create any color combination.
  • Rainbow Fish: For more advanced bead weavers, this rainbow fish is woven out of dozens of beads and makes a fun necklace or key fob.
  • Pony Bead Dragonfly: This finished piece uses multiple weaving techniques to form the body and wings of the dragonfly.

About Pony Beads

It is thought that pony beads first became popular when Lewis and Clark bought European glass beads to North America. The beads earned their name because they were delivered by the Pony Express. Native Americans often used pony beads to make fringe for moccasins and other clothing items, or to create tribal necklaces.

Today, pony beads are commonly used in craft projects for children. Sometimes referred to as size 6/0 or 8/0 beads, they have wide holes that make it easy for kids to create their own projects. Most pony beads are round, but hearts, stars and other novelty shapes may also be used in certain projects.They are typically inexpensive and available for purchase wherever craft supplies for children are sold. However, if you prefer to shop online, you can buy the beads from the following Web sites:

  • BJ's Craft Supplies has glitter, glass and transparent beads.
  • C&J Craft Supply offers transparent, opaque, metallic, glitter and pearlescent beads in a wide range of colors.
  • EE Beads sells Czech glass beads, as well as metallic, glitter and specialty beads.
  • Mill Hill Beads has two sizes of beads sold by color.
  • Craft Kits and Supplies has multiple sizes and shapes of beads, perfect for special projects.

Express Yourself

Use any of these patterns as a jumping off point to create some original bead works of your own. Begin by changing the colors and placement of the beads, and learn to weave them in different ways. Once you become comfortable working with pony beads, you'll be ready to work with nearly any bead type.

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Pony Beading Patterns