Perler Beads Projects

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Fun for kids and adults alike, Perler beads are perfect for lots of great projects. From key chains to decorative objects, there's so much you can do with these fun little beads.

Perler Bead Flower Bracelet

This flower bracelet makes an adorable accessory, and it's simple and fun to create. Use your favorite colors to create flowers that really showcase your personal style.

Things You'll Need

  • Perler beads in two colors, plus more green Perler beads
  • Perler bead pegboard that comes with the beads
  • Iron
  • Jewelry elastic
  • Scissors

What to Do

  1. Place one Perler bead on your pegboard for the center of the flower. Surround it by six beads in a contrasting color to make the petals.
  2. Following the directions on the bead package, use your iron to fuse the beads together. Repeat, creating six flowers.
  3. After the flowers have cooled, cut a short piece of jewelry elastic and tie one end through one of the petals.
  4. String four to six green Perler beads on the elastic, and then tie the other end through a petal on another flower. Repeat until you've created a bracelet that fits your wrist.
  5. Tie the final piece of elastic to the first flower, and slip the bracelet on.

Personalized Perler Bead Keychain

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Perler beads 6,000 count multi mix

A personalized key chain makes a great gift for everyone from grandparents to teens just getting their driver's permits. This is a simple project that's perfect for any age, as long as an adult is around to supervise the use of the iron.

Things You'll Need

  • Perler beads in white and another bright color
  • Perler bead peg board
  • Iron
  • Large jump ring and jewelry pliers
  • Key ring

What to Do

  1. Spell out the person's first name on the peg board using the bright colored beads.
  2. Surround the name with white Perler beads, forming a simple shape like a rectangle or oval.
  3. According to the directions on the package, melt the Perler beads with your iron.
  4. Allow the beads to cool, and then remove them from the peg board. Use pliers to attach a jump ring to one of the end beads.
  5. Thread the key ring through the jump ring.

Perler Bead Freeform Dish

perler beads rain forest bucket
Perler beads rain forest bucket

Typically, you use a pegboard pattern and your household iron to make a project with Perler beads, but this craft is a little different. This freeform dish is fun and easy to make.

Things You'll Need

  • Aluminum foil
  • Cookie sheet
  • Enough Perler beads to make a dish of the desired size
  • Spray vegetable oil
  • Oven

What to Do

  1. Select the Perler beads you want to use for this project. One great idea is to use colors that will match a room in your home where you plan to display this dish.
  2. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  3. Tear off a large piece of aluminum foil, forming it into a freeform dish shape. If desired, place it inside an oven-safe bowl to help it hold its form.
  4. Spray a light coating of vegetable oil on the inside of the aluminum foil dish.
  5. Place the Perler beads in the foil dish, and arrange them in the desired configuration. As you work, press the beads firmly against the bottom and sides.
  6. Place the foil dish on a cookie sheet, and bake it in the oven for about ten minutes, checking it every two minutes to prevent the beads from melting completely.
  7. Take the dish out and allow it to cool. When it's still warm but no longer hot, carefully remove the foil backing to reveal your bead creation.

More Perler Bead Products

You can also buy other Perler bead products to make a variety of projects. Consider one of these fun options.

Perler Bead Pet Parade

perler beads pet parade
Perler beads pet parade

The Perler Bead Pet Parade is a great choice for kids of all ages. This fun kit retails for about $15 and includes everything you need to make dozens of pet-shaped Perler bead creations. You can use the included forms to make fish, horse, cats, and more. Attach a chain to your shapes to make a fun piece of jewelry.

Perler Stixels Set

Perler Stixels Bead Charms Activity Box gives you the opportunity to charms you can turn into keychains and book bag hangers. The set comes with six silicone pegboards, and 750 beads, ball chains, patterns and instructions.

Perler Bead Glow-in-the-Dark Bead Mix

Looking for something a little different to try? The Glow-in-the-Dark Mix is a great choice. The bag contains 1,000 beads in a variety of colors. Use them with your favorite patterns or free-style on your own.

More Perler Bead Patterns

Perler beads are such a popular craft product for kids that there are many, many sites that offer free patterns. Here are just a few:

  • Perler Beads, manufacturer of the product, has a ton of different designs. Click on gallery, gallery archive, design archive, or projects to find ideas.
  • Bead Merrily has lots of beautiful designs, including holiday ornaments, animal friends, decorative objects, and more. Patterns are in PDF format for easy downloading.
  • U-Create offers dozens of free, downloadable patterns including ones for princesses, superheroes, and Halloween.
  • Fave Crafts has some excellent instructions for making three-dimensional Perler bead picnic food. Make a slice of watermelon, a hot dog, and a piece of pie.
  • MinieCo. offers a tutorial for weaving Perler beads with the peyote stitch. You can make an adorable cover for a votive holder.

Endless Options

Whether you choose to work with a kit or follow instructions for a unique Perler bead project, you'll love the many designs you can make with the little beads. From trinket dishes to jewelry, the options are nearly endless.

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