Paper Quilling Ideas

Easy Paper Quilling Ideas

Finding paper quilling ideas is not difficult. In fact, once you learn how to make a few basic quilled shapes, you can create almost any design imaginable. Many beginners choose to purchase a kit with quilling tools and instructions for paper filigree, but you can get similar results simply by experimenting on your own.


Most people who learn paper quilling start with making flower embellishments. Simply by varying the color of paper you choose, you can make many different flowers in no time at all.

Flowers and Leaves

If you combine multiple flowers with quilled leaves, you can make a beautiful art piece for your home or to give as a gift to someone special.


The sun design uses the same technique as making a flower, only the circle is larger and the petal shaped coils are turned upside down.


A butterfly makes for a fun quilled embellishment for a scrapbook or handmade greeting card.


Simple animals can be created using quilling techniques, although you will need to use your imagination to come up with details for your designs. The orange bill and black feet on this duck are what make the animal instantly recognizable.

Beautiful Quilling Step-by-Step
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Paper Quilling Ideas