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If you are interested in receiving craft patterns or project ideas on a monthly or quarterly basis through your e-mail, online crochet and knitting magazines are for you. Besides being convenient, many of them are free or require a small subscription fee. There's no need to run to the bookstore or fill out lengthy forms to receive them either. Online knitting and crochet magazines also allow you to look up archived items quickly.

Online Crochet Magazines

Unfortunately, the number of online crocheting publications is not keeping up with the growing interest in the craft. There are less than a handful of quality Internet magazines dedicated to only crocheting.


Interweave Crochet is an online magazine for contemporary and fashionable crochet patterns. It is the brainchild of Kim Piper Werker, who has published Crochet Me on a fairly consistent, quarterly basis since 2004. The magazine consists of:

  • Features
  • Patterns
  • Editorial content
  • Tutorials

The Chain Link

A bi-monthly newsletter of the Crochet Guild of America, this publication comes with a paid membership to the group. It usually includes:

  • Crochet-related activities
  • Book reviews
  • Crochet patterns
  • Local guild chapter updates
  • Feature articles

Online Knitting Magazines

There are by far more online knitting magazines than those for crocheting. Following a decline in knitting during the 1980s, manufacturers came up with ways to spark interest in the age-old craft including novelty yarns and fashionable patterns, both of which can be found in various online publications.


This quaint knitting site publishes quarterly under the name, Knitty, little purls of wisdom. Edited and published by Amy R. Singer, this site has been up and running since 2002 and boasts an average of 30,000 visitors a day. Some of the online magazine's departments include:

  • Articles
  • Patterns
  • Advertising
  • Ways to get your knitting reviewed
  • An online store called Knittyshopping
  • Submission guidelines
  • Coffeeshop forum
  • Editor's column called The Scoop

The magazine has more than 35 regular columnists and contributors, as well as a regular blog.


Knitmuch is edited by Carla A. Canonico and is published twice a year. The magazine is mainly an off-shoot of this excellent website, and issues are available directly on the site or via a free download. Each issue contains:

  • Helpful product reviews
  • Patterns
  • All kinds of tips to make your projects go smoother

More Online Knitting Publications

There are many more online knitting magazines filled with a lot of information and ideas for the knitting enthusiast. They include:

Combined Online Crochet and Knitting Magazines

There are a few online crochet and knitting magazines dedicated to both crafts. Those include:

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Online Crochet and Knitting Magazines