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New Year's Kids Crafts

Kate Miller-Wilson
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Find more New Year's Eve crafts for kids!

If you're looking for a way to celebrate with children, New Year's kids' crafts may be a great solution. You can involve everyone in the festivities, and a special craft project can provide treasured mementos for years to come.

Perfect New Year's Kids' Crafts

Kids of all ages love to do something creative to celebrate the transition to the new year. A craft project can be the perfect way to pass the time until midnight. The best kids' crafts allow for a range of ages and skill levels, from preschoolers to teens.

For the most successful experience, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Have supplies ready before you begin the craft. There's nothing worse than keeping kids waiting while you hunt for the glue.
  • Talk about New Year's Eve and what it means as you make your craft. This is a day that celebrates the passage of time, and this can be an interesting concept for kids.
  • For younger children, consider pre-assembling some of the components. Young kids have short attention spans, so this can make crafting a more positive experience.

Family Time Capsule

New Year's Eve is a great opportunity to make a family time capsule to open the following year. You'll love seeing how far your family has come in the past year, and this may become a family tradition.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard shoe box
  • Masking tape
  • Construction paper
  • Paint
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers

What to Do

  1. Begin by talking about the concept of a time capsule. Each family member will create a piece of artwork to put in the box, and the box will be sealed with masking tape. Next year, everyone will gather to open the box and talk about how things have changed in the last year.
  2. Pass out the paper and art supplies.
  3. Provide prompts for making the artwork. Kids can draw pictures of significant events from the last year, make predictions about the coming year, or simply create an image that represents them.
  4. When the pictures are done, put them inside the box. Seal the lid shut with masking tape, and have the whole family work to decorate the exterior. Be sure to mark the current date and the date the box should be opened.
  5. Set your time capsule aside, and wait to open it until next New Year's Eve.

Scavenger Hunt Clock

This project can be great for older kids, as well as younger children who are just learning their numbers. Although it requires some preparation, this craft can make a fun display for the coming year. Talk to kids about how a clock represents the passage of time, an important theme for New Year's crafts.

Things You'll Need

  • Round, flat piece of wood
  • Wood glue
  • Clock kit from the craft store
  • Paint
  • Numbers one through 12, collected from magazine clippings, refrigerator magnets, discarded house numbers, and other items
  • Small pieces of paper and pens

What to Do

  1. Before you begin, hide the numbers in various places throughout the house. Use the scraps of paper to write clues about the hiding places. Give the clues to the kids so they can work on finding the numbers. Younger children may require some assistance.
  2. Once all the numbers have been recovered, work with kids to create the clock face. Paint the wooden circle, and install the clock kit.
  3. Carefully glue the numbers onto the face of the clock, and allow it to dry.

Midnight Party Poppers

Party poppers are a fun New Year's Eve tradition, and they are easy to make. Kids can create these for one another as a special surprise.

Things You'll Need

  • One toilet paper tube for each child
  • Leftover wrapping paper, cut into 12-inch squares
  • Candy and small toys
  • Ribbon
  • Tape

What to Do

  1. Give each child a piece of wrapping paper, and lay it face-down on the table. Place the toilet paper tube in the center of the square. Use small pieces of tape to secure the tube to the paper.
  2. Fill the tube with candy and little toys. Encourage children to think about what the recipient might like.
  3. Roll the wrapping paper around the tube, and tape it to secure the end.
  4. Grasp one end of the tube, and gently twist the paper to close the end. Use ribbon to secure the twist.
  5. Twist the other end, and secure it with ribbon. Your popper is done!

No matter which New Year's kids' craft you choose, you're sure to have a great time. Craft projects are fun for the whole family, and they can be helpful in keeping a large group of kids busy for the evening.

New Year's Kids Crafts