Melt and Pour Soap Cubes

Melt and Pour Soap Cubes

If you're a beginning soap maker, melt and pour soap cubes are a great way to introduce yourself to this fun and easy craft. These cubes require only a few simple supplies and are a rewarding way to spend a few minutes of your time.

To get started, you'll need some melt and pour soap base, which you can purchase at your local craft store. You'll also need soap dyes and fragrances.

Tools for Soap Cubes

After you've assembled your supplies, gather up the following tools:

  • Microwave
  • Glass dish or measuring cup
  • Wooden spoon
  • Ice cube tray
  • Butter knife

Cut the Soap Base

Use a butter knife to cut off some of the soap base. Place the soap base in the glass dish.

Melt the Soap

Melt the soap base according to the package directions. Larger chunks can take longer, so you may want to cut it up into small pieces to speed up the process. Use caution when removing the glass container from the microwave.

Add Fragrance and Dye

Add a few drops of your desired fragrance and several drops of dye. This project used a two-to-one ratio of blue and green dye.

Stir the Mixture

Stir the liquid soap to evenly distribute the fragrance and dye. If the soap begins to harden, simply put it back in the microwave for a few seconds.

Pour the Soap

Carefully pour the liquid soap into the ice cube tray. The soap may be very hot, so this is an activity best performed by adults or older children.

Allow the Soap to Harden

Fill the tray evenly, leaving a little space at the top of each cube. Using an ice cube tray allows you to try out this craft without investing in a soap mold, but for variation, consider using a purchased mold or a shaped ice-cube tray.

Allow the soap to harden according to package directions. It usually takes about 30 minutes for the soap to be done. Use a butter knife to help release the soap cubes from the tray.

Enjoy Your Soap

When the soap is finished, you can display it in a pretty container or package it as a gift. Small packages of melt and pour soap cubes make a perfect welcome gift for overnight guests.

For more information about making soap at home, review these Soap Making Instructions.

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Melt and Pour Soap Cubes