Knitting Video Tapes

Online or on your television, knitting video tapes will show you the basics of this long-standing craft.

If you want to learn to knit in the privacy of your own home, let knitting video tapes be your teacher. Besides being convenient, they allow you to learn at your own pace and on your own time.

Free Online Knitting Videos

There are many Web sites available that offer free knitting video tapes for you to view online or download to your computer. Many of these "how-to" video snippets give step-by-step instructions for English and Continental knitting. Here's a look at some of them:

  • Knitting Help is home to more than 150 free knitting videos in beginner, basic and advanced techniques. Knitters can find instructions from bibs and ponchos to mittens and sweaters. Each project also gives recommended needle sizes. An online forum allows you to chat with other knitters on an array of subjects.
  • The Knitting Site offers a few "how-to" videos in broadband, dial-up or Apple computer formats. Videos include basic and advanced techniques, as well as left-handed knitting.
  • Knit Picks offers free tutorials in casting on and off, finishing, pattern stitches and more for newer knitters. All of the techniques outlined are used in the knitting patterns that are also available on this site.

Knitting Videos for Purchase

If you are looking for knitting video tapes or DVDs to watch on your television, craft or bookstores may have them for you to peruse. Online, there are many options including:

Other Knitting Video Tapes Options

Your local library may have instructional knitting video tapes available, as well as your neighborhood video store. You can also check out a library book sale or a garage sale for copies. Many of these knitting video tapes also have accompanying books or pamphlets that give step-by-step instructions. Find out if your area has a knitting club that meets, as most usually carry some sort of videos for their members to view. The Daily Knitter has a list of knitting groups throughout the United States.

A Final Touch

If you are viewing or downloading knitting videos from the Internet, make sure you have a antivirus program, such as Norton AntiVirus 2007 or McAfee to protect your computer from viruses. Also, if you need to download a video player, QuickTime or Windows Media Player 11 are your best bets.

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Knitting Video Tapes