Knitting Bag

Knitting Bag

Knitting bags come in a variety of styles and sizes so you can choose a bag that reflects your own personality. Whether you opt to purchase a knitting bag or make one yourself, choose one that will not only be functional for your projects but also attractive and fun to use.

Where to Buy Knitting Bags

You can purchase a bag for your knitting at almost any craft supply shop or major department store. There are also lots of options available online for every taste and budget. These are just a few great examples:

  • Jordana Paige: While on the pricey side, these are truly fashionable knitting bags. They are made from vegan leather and come in a wide variety of styles and colors, from simple but roomy messenger bags to small needle boxes.
  • Knit Picks: Knit Picks offers lots of different types of bags to hold all of your knitting supplies. You'll find a nice range of styles and prices here.
  • Webs: This online shop has bags in various sizes, styles and materials. Some are so pretty you'll be tempted to carry them all the time.
  • Green Mountain: All of the bags offered at Green Mountain are handmade. Up to ten new bags are added to the site each week, so keep checking in to find the perfect knitting bag to suit your personal style and preferences.
  • Dream Weaver Yarns: Here you'll find a tremendous collection of knitting and crochet bags. Prices range from cute totes at $20 each all the way up to those costing several hundred dollars. If you're looking for real variety, Dream Weaver Yarns has something for everyone.

Patterns for Making Knitting Bags

If you prefer to make your own bag, there are plenty of free patterns available to create exactly what you need.

  • Knitting Needle Knitting Bag: This is a knit bag that features the cute addition of knitting needles at the top. The pattern is for an unlined bag, but you could add a lining after knitting the project.
  • Skull Pattern Tote: Knitting isn't all pastel colors and cuteness! This tote bag is knit in black with a white skull and crossbones pattern on the front.
  • Suede Knit Tote: Create a sturdy, luxurious bag to carry your knitting in with this interesting pattern.
  • Felted Flower Bag: For a very feminine bag, knit this pretty purple tote with a pink flower accent, made with the felting technique.
  • Fabric Knitting Bag: If you'd prefer to sew your knitting bag, this simple pattern can be completed quickly using any fabric you choose.

Tips for Choosing a Knitting Bag

Whatever kind of bag you choose, make sure that it is the right size for the types of projects you typically do. If you never knit socks or small projects you probably don't need a small-sized bag, but if that's all you do, don't invest in a large messenger bag.

If you plan to carry the bag around all the time, a washable fabric or knit is your best bet. A sturdy bottom to the bag is also helpful so you can set it down easily. Look for strong handles as well, since these bags can be quite an investment and you want them to last.

Check out the accessories and pouches inside the bag, and again consider these based on what you like to knit. Some of the fancier bags have pockets for measuring tape, gauge rulers, extra needles, pencil and paper and more, while others have no extras.

Find the Perfect Bag

Whether you're looking for something simple and functional or a bag that's a little more sophisticated and stylish, there are as many different types of knitting bags as there are people who love to knit. Take your time and browse the available selections until you find the bag that is perfect for you and your knitting projects.

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Knitting Bag