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How to Make Massage Oil

Dana Hinders
How to Make Massage Oil

If you're looking for a new way to broaden your crafting skills while pampering yourself, consider learning how to make massage oil.

Learning How to Make Massage Oil

Learning how to make massage oil offers several benefits:

  • It's a fun, relatively simple craft that teaches you the basic principles of aromatherapy.
  • It's cheaper than buying commercially-prepared massage oils.
  • The product can be customized to fit the preferences of the person receiving the massage.
  • If you're interested in making soap, body lotion, or other complimentary crafts, you can create themed gift baskets for friends and family.

Supplies for Making Massage Oil

Essential oils are a critical ingredient in any massage oil recipe. While the fragrance oils commonly used in candle making are created in a laboratory, essential oils are distilled from plants or trees. This means they can provide therapeutic benefits as well as a pleasant smell. The type of essential oil used to make your massage oil will depend on the purpose of the finished product. Obviously, a massage oil intended to relieve stress will be very different from one that's designed to increase your concentration and stamina. Common aromatherapy massage oil blends are as follows:

  • Energy: balsa fir, pine needle, wintergreen, peppermint, lemon, lime, orange, bergamot, and/or tangerine
  • Relaxation: sandalwood, rosewood, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and/or neroli
  • Sensuality: jasmine, rose, geranium, patchouli, and/or ylang ylang

Since essential oils are highly concentrated and cannot be applied directly to the skin, you'll need to use some sort of carrier oil to create your homemade massage oil. Since these oils are scentless and non-reactive, they are much cheaper than essential oils. Common carrier oils used to make massage oil include grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, safflower oil, and sweet almond oil.

When making your own massage oil, you'll also need to purchase some type of container in which to store your final product. Brown or dark blue glass bottles with tight-fitting caps are recommended, since oils can become contaminated when stored in plastic containers or exposed to light.

The basic recipe used to create homemade massage oil is as follows:

  • 8 drops of essential oil
  • 6 teaspoons carrier oil

Massage Oil Safety Tips

Although learning how to make massage oil can be a very enjoyable hobby, it's important to remember than you must take a few basic safety precautions when practicing aromatherapy massage:

  • Do not use homemade massage oils on children under two.
  • Consult a doctor before massaging a pregnant woman.
  • Don't apply massage oil to skin that is infected or injured.
  • Since essential oils can cause skin irritation, it's best to wear disposable surgical gloves when mixing your homemade massage oil.

Additional Information

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How to Make Massage Oil