How to Make Button Charm Jewelry

Button charm bracelet

If you love unusual bracelets and necklaces, you may find yourself wondering how to make button charm jewelry. Luckily, it's easier than you might expect to turn your favorite buttons into fashionable accessories to match any outfit in your closet.

Sources for Buttons

The first step in learning how to make button charm jewelry is finding suitable decorative buttons for your project. Generally, the best buttons for making button charm jewelry are flat with two holes. Smaller buttons will give your project a delicate and dainty appearance, while larger buttons are great for creating jewelry with a funky look.

Source for buttons include:

  • Craft stores: Stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels Crafts, and Joann Crafts have a large assortment of buttons available in the sewing section. You may also find decorative buttons with the scrapbooking embellishments.
  • Online: It really is true that you can buy anything online! For an impressive assortment of buttons, check out the As Cute as a Button Web site.
  • Your closet: If you have stained or ripped clothes in your closet, snip off the buttons before you toss them in the trash.
  • Thrift stores and garage sales: Thrift stores and garage sales are a great source of interesting buttons. You may be able to find a jar of vintage buttons or some inexpensive clothing that you can buy just for the buttons themselves.
  • Friends and family: Even people who aren't interested in making handmade jewelry are often willing to help with a project if you ask. Let friends and family know you're looking for buttons for your project and see what unique designs they can find.

A Tutorial on How to Make Button Charm Jewelry

Button bracelet

Learning how to make button charm jewelry isn't much different from any other beading project.


  • Buttons in the size and color of your choice
  • Beads in a color that coordinates with your buttons
  • Clasp
  • 20 gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers


  1. Cut a piece of wire between two and three inches in length, depending upon the size of your button.
  2. Bend the wire in half to make a "U" shape. Push one end through each of the button holes.
  3. Push the wire all the way to the surface of the button, then spread it out in the back.
  4. Use your pliers to curl the ends of the wire into a circular loop.
  5. Cut a piece of wire between one and two inches in length, depending on the size of your bead.
  6. Make a "P" loop on one end of the wire. If this is your first time making jewelry, see the Wig Jig Web site for details on this technique.
  7. Thread the bead onto the wire.
  8. Attach the bead link to the button link and make a "P" loop on the other end of the wire.
  9. Continue adding links in this manner until the piece is long enough. Generally, a bracelet will be between seven and eight inches. Necklace lengths can vary a great deal, but most people tend to prefer chains between 17 and 19 inches in length.
  10. Attach a clasp. If you need help choosing a clasp for your piece, check out the LoveToKnow Crafts article on Beading Clasps.

If you're in need of some design inspiration, check out the beautiful button charm jewelry designs available for sale on Etsy.

Additional Information

To learn more about making jewelry using old buttons, LoveToKnow Crafts recommends visiting the following helpful links:

You may also be interested in the book Button Jewelry & Accessories: 20 Unique Projects by Tair Parnes.


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