How to Knit a Magic Scarf

magic scarf

Many people have wondered how to knit a magic scarf. Read this article to find out how to make this beautiful and unique type of scarf.

About Magic Scarves

Magic scarves are also called "moa boas." They are very unique in that they can be worn many different ways. You can wear this fashionable accessory as a typical scarf, as a hood, as a belt, as a shoulder wrap, and sometimes even as a skirt or wrap-shirt. The secret to this magic scarf is its shape and tendency to stretch. A magic scarf is actually a tube and can stretch many times its original width, creating versatility unmatched in your typical scarf.

How to Knit a Magic Scarf

There are many aspects to learning how to knit a magic scarf. Though much of the project is the same as typical knitting, this scarf differs in how you finish the loops. When looking for a magic scarf pattern, you may find it slightly more difficult to find than typical scarf patterns because of its unique nature. Below are a few places to look.

Craft Retailers

Most craft retailers offer sections on knitting. Check the patterns to see if you can find a simple one for magic scarves. If not, ask an associate for help or advice on where to look in your area. Also, consider checking out wholesale craft supply stores.

Knitting Supply Stores

If you are lucky enough to have a store tailored to your craft hobby, you will likely be able to find several different magic scarf patterns. If you have trouble finishing the loops, this store will also be a great resource for advice on how to follow the pattern.

World Wide Web

While this particular scarf is a little more unique, you can still find great resources for patterns. Some are free, and others can be purchased for a reasonable fee. Examples include:

Other Things to Consider

Once you have your pattern, you will want to gather the rest of your supplies. Here are a few other things to consider as you plan your project.

The Yarn

Many of the magic scarves you'll find at crafts shows or online are made from stretchy, wildly colored yarns. Sometimes, they have a silky quality to them, which makes them much more comfortable to wear close to the face, neck, and skin. Here are a few of the most popular moa boa colors:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Multi-color
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Beige
  • Ivory

Scarf Length

Your pattern may or may not suggest a length for your magic scarf, but keep in mind that the length dictates how much you will be able to do with this versatile accessory. Longer tubes can be worn as short skirts or as wrap tops. Smaller tubes will generally only be able to be worn as shoulder wraps, hoods, belts, or scarves.

Selling Magic Scarves

Because these knit products are so distinctive, you may want to consider selling them once you get the hang of it. A scarf makes a great gift item. Here are a few ideas on how you can sell your hand-knitted items.

  • Etsy - Etsy connects buyers and sellers of handmade goods, like jewelry, scarves, clothes, and more.
  • Ebay - Ebay is the largest online marketplace in the world. Like Etsy, it connects buyers and sellers, but it includes all sorts of goods, not just those made by the seller.
  • Your own website - Today it's easier than ever to set up your own blog or retail website to showcase your unique talents and products. Consider setting up a blog with sites like Blogger or Wordpress or your own website through a company like GoDaddy.

Knitting magic scarves is a fun way to challenge your knitting skills and create a beautiful, new scarf that you can enjoy for years to come.

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