How to Knit Socks

knit socks

Learning how to knit socks is one of the first steps in becoming a proficient knitter.

Getting Prepared

If you aren't sure how to knit socks, the instructions are actually fairly simple. For those of you who need additional help, you might want to attend knitting classes in your area. Your local craft or fabric store may have a list of sewing, knitting, and crocheting classes available. Many of these will only cost the price of materials, and you'll often finish the class with a completed project.


Your yarn choice will really depend upon how thick you want your socks to be. Some people prefer slipper-socks, which are socks that really aren't made to fit in shoes but are thick enough to be worn as slippers. If this is what you have in mind, then you'll need to choose a thicker grade yarn.


Depending upon the pattern you use, you may prefer double-pointed needles or circular needles. The pattern you select will typically recommend the type of needle that should be used.

Size Matters

Obviously, everyone's foot is not the same size. Unless otherwise specified, most patterns will fit the average man's or woman's foot. Because you are creating the sock, you can extend or shorten the length as needed. If a sock needs to fit a smaller foot, choose a smaller needle size. Select a larger needle to knit a sock for a larger foot.

How To Knit Socks

Once you've chosen your yarn and selected your needles, you're ready to begin. There are numerous tutorials on the Web, and many of these are free to access. The following sites will give you detailed instructions on how to knit socks:

  • Silver's Sock offers numerous tutorials on knitting socks. The instructions are very detailed and perfect for beginning knitters. There are also plenty of illustrations to go along with the instructions. There are free knitting patterns at this site as well.
  • gives a detailed anatomy of a sock and offers a training sock pattern. You can also read tips for creating your own sock patterns. There is a generic sock-building template, too.
  • Knitters offers step-by-step help on how to knit socks. The site offers detailed instructions as well as great photographs of each step, making it easy for you to recreate the same pattern.
  • Bev's Country Cottage is a popular site among needle crafters. Bev's "Really Quick Knit Socks" instructions will have you completing a pair of knitted socks on two needles in no time.
  • Knitting Geek's site gives easy directions on knitting a toe-up sock. The finished product looks comfortable and attractive!
  • Knitting on the Net lists a variety of knitting sock patterns, such as basic socks, beginner socks, birds of a feather socks, cat's paw socks, mock cable socks, and more. Many of these patterns are great for first time knitters, while some may be a bit more difficult to tackle.
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How to Knit Socks