How to Crochet Left Handed

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Learning how to crochet left handed can be a bit tricky, but it's not an impossible task. With patience and persistence, left handed crafters can learn to crochet just as well as their right handed counterparts.

Left Handed Difficulties

The reason that learning how to crochet left handed is tricky is that patterns and tutorials are generally written for right handed people. Many right handed people crochet by holding the hook in their right hand and working the yarn with their left hand. If you're left handed, however, you're probably going to want to hold the hook in your left hand and work the yarn with your right hand. This will make all of the instructions seem "backwards" until you get the hang of things.

On a brighter note, there is one area in which left handed people actually have an advantage in learning how to crochet. To crochet correctly, you need to work with both hands. As your project grows, it can be large and rather heavy to hold with your non-dominant hand. Since most left handed people tend to be slightly ambidextrous, however, they often have less difficulty performing tasks with their non-dominant hand than their right handed counterparts.

Learn How to Crochet Left Handed

Did you know that only 10% of the population is left handed? Left handedness is also much more common in men than women. Since women are the main audience for learning how to crochet, it's not surprising that it can be difficult to find good information on the topic of learning how to crochet with your left hand.

As you might expect, the best way to learn how to crochet left handed is to have another left handed person give you lessons. Being able to watch the stitches come together and ask questions when you're having trouble is invaluable in developing your crochet skills. However, if you don't know any left handed crafters, this doesn't mean you're completely out of luck. LoveToKnow Crafts recommends checking out the following helpful online resources:

  • Annie's Attic has a helpful article explaining some of the basic differences between crocheting left handed and crocheting with your right hand.
  • Inner Child Crochet offers tips and encouragement for left handed crafters who want to learn to crochet.
  • Tamie Snow has photos demonstrating various positions used for left handed crochet.
  • The Crochet Guild of America has a section of its Web site devoted to lessons for left handed crafters who want to learn to crochet. Topics covered include:
    • Chain stitch
    • Slip stitch
    • Single crochet
    • Half double crochet
    • Double crochet
    • Triple crochet
  • Bead Crochet has a lesson to teach left handed crafters how to make beaded crochet ropes.

You Tube is also a good source of information for people who want to learn to crochet left handed. There are a number of short tutorials for left handed crafters. For example, the left hand crochet chain video featured on this page is actually part of an entire series of tutorials for left handed crochet learners.

Tips for Learning Left Handed Crochet

Here are a few general tips for learning left handed crochet that you may wish to keep in mind:

  • Thicker yarn is usually easier to work with when you're learning to crochet.
  • You can either hold your crochet hook like a pencil or like a knife. Experiment to find which way is most comfortable for you.
  • If you're watching a right handed person crochet, sit in front of them. This will give you a better understanding of the technique as opposed to sitting side by side for your lessons.
  • When searching for patterns for your first crochet project, look for patterns that are symmetrical from left to right. No changes ever need to be made in these types of patterns for left handed crochet.
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How to Crochet Left Handed