Halloween Printable Crafts

Halloween Printable Crafts

Use printable craft projects to help you and your family celebrate this fun time of the year. DIY projects are an affordable way to decorate for a Halloween party or to create your own Halloween costume.

3-D Paper Pumpkin

finished paper pumpkin

A 3-D paper pumpkin is a pretty project for Halloween that can be enjoyed all the way until Thanksgiving.

To make your pumpkin, you will need to use Adobe to download the PDF pattern below. Print the pumpkin shape pattern at least 10 times on sheets of orange construction paper or copy paper. Trace or print a single copy of the leaf pattern on green construction or copy paper. Trace or print the stem pattern once on brown construction or copy paper

  1. Carefully cut out the pumpkin shapes. Fold each shape in half along the middle point so the two circular sides are facing each other.
  2. Use a glue stick to glue one of the outer faces of the pumpkin shape on top of another folded pumpkin shape. Continue to glue all of the faces together in the same manner, double checking after each one to make sure they are properly aligned at the edges.
  3. Cut out the green leaf and brown stem. Glue the leaf to the stem. Glue the bottom part of the stem inside the last pumpkin shape, then glue the last pumpkin shape to the first pumpkin shape.
  4. Carefully open up the flaps in each pumpkin shape section to turn your decoration into a 3-D model.

Spider Paper Chain

kirigami spider chain

Do you remember making paper doll chains as a child? If so, you'll love this spooky spider garland craft.

Before you start, download the PDF pattern below and carefully cut out the template as directed.

  1. Determine how many times you want the spider design on your paper chain to repeat. Multiply this number by 4.75 to determine how many inches long your paper needs to be. Your paper should be 7.5 inches tall.
  2. Once you've cut the paper to the appropriate size, accordion fold it at 4.75-inch intervals.
  3. Center your spider template on top of the folded paper. Carefully trace around the spider shape with a pencil.
  4. Cut out the shape using scissors or a craft knife. You should cut through all the layers of paper, but do not cut the legs along the left and right vertical folds as this is how your finished chain stays together.
  5. When you are done cutting, unfold the paper to reveal your finished spider chain.

If you need to make a longer chain than your paper allows, repeat this process and glue or tape the finished chains together. If you want to make a smaller spider shape, shrink the template by printing it at 75%, 50%, or 25% of the original size. Then measure the printed template to figure out how wide your folds should be before folding and cutting.

Paper Monster Mask

Halloween monster mask

If you're in need of a last minute costume, this monster mask makes it easy to dress up for trick or treating. It can also be used as a hanging decoration for any Halloween party.

To begin, download the PDF pattern below. For best results you'll want to print your pattern onto heavyweight cardstock. Cut out the mask shape and, if you're planning on wearing it, also cut out holes for the eyes. You can also cut out the area of the mouth surrounding the teeth and tongue if desired.

Use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or watercolor paints to color in your monster mask. Your mask can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. For some fun effects, try some of these suggestions.

  • Glue puffs of cotton to the mask to create a furry texture.
  • Use an embossing stencil or scrapbooking punch to create a textured pattern on the monster's horns and hair.
  • Use glitter glue to outline the eyes and mouth to make your monster seem a little less scary.
  • For a girl monster, tie a bow from a bit of scrap ribbon and glue it to your monster's head or make a necklace for her to wear using buttons, beads, or self adhesive gems.

If you want to make a mask you can hold in front of your face, glue a paint stirrer or wooden dowel to the bottom left corner of the back of the mask. If you would prefer a mask that you can wear, punch small holes in the middle of the left and right sides before adding ribbon ties to the mask.

More Printables for Halloween

If you're looking for more haunted holiday printables, consider some of these:

  • Printable pumpkin and ghost hanging door decorations, as well as a black cat placemat, make great decorations.
  • These crafts for kids include a printable maze, coloring page, and Halloween themed greeting card.
  • Spoonful offers some great printables for Halloween, including patterns for t-shirt iron-ons and funny face pumpkin stickers.
  • Activity Village has lots of printable patterns for decorations, banners, stickers, and badges. There are also Halloween invitations and posters for you to print.
  • Kiddy House offers links to a variety of Halloween crafts including patterns for a skeleton, Glinda the Good Witch, and a haunted house.

Halloween Inspiration

In most towns, Halloween decorations, costumes, and other spooky items begin showing up on store shelves sometime in September. It's hard to ignore all the great decorations and Halloween-themed objects, but those items can be pricey. It's easy to enjoy all that this season has to offer without breaking the bank, with Halloween printable crafts like these.

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Halloween Printable Crafts