Hair Combs for Beading

Handmade beaded hair combs offer a unique way to customize the look of any outfit.

If you're tired of making bracelets and necklaces, try experimenting with hair combs for beading. Making hair combs can be a fun way to use small batches of beads left over from previous projects. Wearing these handmade hair accessories can add spice to an otherwise plain outfit.

Getting Started

The first step in making hair combs for beading is gathering all of the necessary supplies. For example:

  • Hair combs: Clear plastic combs tend to be the most popular, but some people feel metal combs are more durable.
  • Beads: Many different types of beads can be used to make handmade combs, but the most popular styles tend to be fairly small and have a touch of sparkle to make them stand out in your hair!
  • Wire: Although it might seem like it would be easier to simply glue beads to your comb, fastening them with wire creates a much sturdier product. However, it's important to make sure you select wire that will not tarnish.
  • Wire working tools: Needle nose pliers, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, or wire cutters make it easy to shape the wire used to hold your beads to the comb.

Most of the supplies needed for making hair combs are readily available at large craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels Crafts, as well as specialty bead stores. However, if you're having trouble locating suitable hair combs in your area, Good Hair Days is an online retailer specializing in hair accessories that can be customized with beads or silk flowers. The site sells hair combs, clips, sticks, headbands, tiaras, and other bulk hair care products.

How to Make Hair Combs for Beading

If you're looking for instructions on how to make your own hair combs, check out the following links:

Remember, it's easy to add your own touch to a project by choosing a different color scheme or using a slightly different type of bead. Hair combs are fairly inexpensive, so feel free to experiment!

For tips on creating unique hair styles with your handmade hair combs, check out the selection of articles at LoveToKnow Hair. Topics covered include:

A Unique Business Opportunity

If you enjoy making hair combs for beading, you may want to consider turning your hobby into a fun home-based business opportunity. Handmade hair accessories tend to sell well at local craft shows and you can even try setting up your own online Etsy shop to gain customers for your business. Of course, taking customized orders for prom or wedding combs can also be quite profitable.To learn more about what it's like to own your own craft business, check out the articles at LoveToKnow Business. For example:

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