Free Filet Crochet Patterns

filet crochet

Filet crochet is not only beautiful but also relatively simple and highly versatile. It uses only chain and a double crochet stitches to create patterns that can be used for crocheted pictures or other practical items. If you understand how to read a crochet pattern, filet crochet will be simple for you to accomplish.

Patterns for Filet Crochet

The following patterns are both basic filet crochet designs that you can use to make blankets, sweaters, and other items. To download the patterns, click on the photo to open the corresponding .pdf document. Then you can save them to your computer or print them out.

Filet Crochet Basic Checkerboard Pattern

This lovely open pattern can be used to make a number of different crochet pieces. You can use this as a border or to make an afghan. It is also lightweight for baby blankets or summer sweaters.

filet crochet checkerboard
Download this filet crochet pattern.

Double Hearts Crochet Pattern

This pattern is also highly versatile and makes an attractive afghan, border, bookmark, baby blanket or placemat.

Double Hearts Crochet
Click for this printable pattern.

More Filet Crochet Patterns

There are all sorts of different filet crochet patterns available online. Incorporate one of these patterns into a small project like a doily, or use several to design a unique sampler.

  • Butterfly: This pattern is quite detailed and best suited for experienced crocheters. The word "butterfly" at the bottom of the pattern could easily be customized and changed to a name. This would be pretty in a shadow box frame and would make a perfect gift.
  • Cat: Perfect for an intermediate crocheter, the finished product is a cute Siamese cat that would look best with thinner yarn or thread. The pattern is rectangle shaped so it would be hard to combine with other patterns, but would be a good framed picture.
  • Flower: This beautiful and intricate flower pattern is best suited for an advanced crocheter. Because of the detail, it would work best with a thread or thin yarn. Sew plenty of these flowers together to create a light summer afghan.

Choose the Perfect Pattern

Patterns should be chosen according to your skill level and how comfortable you are with the various techniques. Once you find a pattern that you love and that you can complete make a list of all the supplies you'll need. Check to see what you have on hand, and then pick up the rest of your materials using your list.

If you're handy with graph paper, you can resize almost any charted pattern. Or, try a software program such as PC Stitch or Stoik Stitch Creator to make your pattern the perfect size.

A Different Style of Crochet

Filet crochet gives you something a little different from traditional crochet. The fine lines and details it produces makes it a creative departure from making squares or slippers or blankets. You can use your imagination to apply filet crochet techniques to any number of unique projects or even make your own pattern.

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Free Filet Crochet Patterns