Free Felting Patterns

felted wool projects

Felting patterns are widely available online, making it easy for crafters of all skill levels to design unique home decor and fashion accessories. Give the following projects a try using worn out sweaters from your closet, or leftover wool skeins from your yarn stash.

Free Felted Wool Projects

Felting is a technique that involves washing and shrinking items made from wool. Once the wool is felted, you can use it to make any of the projects below.

Click on the photos of the projects to download and print the patterns. For more information on downloading, try these helpful tips.

Wool Sweater Purse

When your favorite wool sweater has seen better days, don't get rid of it. Give it a new purpose by recycling it into a sweet purse.

Wool Sweater Purse Pattern
Click here to download the pattern.

Felted Chick Ornament

No matter whether you are decorating a Christmas tree or an Easter tree, this cute little chick will steal the show. This ornament can easily be crafted using scraps of felted wool left over from a variety of projects.

Felted Chick Ornament
Click here to download the pattern.

Felted Heart Candle Mat

The cold winter months will light up with this cozy candle mat. Don't let the use of a felting needle scare you. This mat is quick and easy to create.

Felted Heart Candle Mat
Click here to download the pattern.

Felted Dryer Balls

Replace your dryer sheets with felted wool dryer balls. Dryer balls absorb the moisture in your clothes while drying them faster. This means less static cling and fewer wrinkles.

Felted Dryer Balls
Click here to download the pattern.

Felting Wool Basics

Use some combination of wool, mohair, alpaca, angora, or llama and felt it to transform the look and feel of the fabric. While any one of these wool types may have you thinking "pricey," felting wool does not need to break the bank.

  • Old wool sweaters can be found in your closet, or inexpensively at your local thrift store.
  • Check out yard sales in the middle of summer and you could walk away with piles of wool clothing options for just pennies.
  • Estate sales and auctions may yield a stash of old wool yarn that the owners may consider useless and undesirable.

Shrinking and felting is done by washing wool items in hot water and drying in a hot dryer. Top-loading washers are preferable to front-loaders as they have the added benefit of an agitator that aids in providing friction to the wool item.

Felting Patterns Online

Whether you're looking for items to knit and felt or simply want to recycle the old wool sweaters in your closet, there are a number of free felting patterns online to suit your needs.

Home Decor

Felted wool is a versatile material, lending itself to a variety of interesting home decor projects. For example:

  • Felted Throw and Pillow: Even if you don't know how to knit, you can create this unique felted throw and pillow set by recycling unwanted wool sweaters.
  • Knitting Basket: Make this pretty basket to store your knitting supplies or simply use it to corral magazines and other stray objects from around your home.
  • Romantic Wool Heart Valentine: Add a touch of romance to your home's décor with an appliquéd heart made from felted wool.
  • Felted Potholder: Make cooking more fun with handmade felted potholders.

Fashion Accessories

Put your creativity to work designing unique felted fashion accessories. Here are a few project suggestions to help you get started:

  • Pretty Paisley Purse: Knitters will love creating this retro-inspired felted handbag.
  • Celtic Felted Bag: The neutral colors in this attractive bag are guaranteed to match almost any outfit in your closet.
  • Easy Knitted Diaper Bag: Felting this simple knitting pattern results in a diaper bag that's perfect for any hip mom in need of a little organizational help.
  • Felted Scarf: This thin felted scarf has a Japanese-inspired cherry blossom design.

Wool Blends

Don't be a wool snob. Knit items that contain 100% wool are best, but items that contain other fibers in addition to wool can also be felted. For best results, look for clothing that contains at least 80% wool. Shrinkage may be less dramatic and knit stitches may still be visible, but the meshed fibers will have blended, creating a thick, soft felt that you can use for these or other projects.

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