Free Crochet Barbie Clothing Patterns

completed crochet barbie doll clothes

Most Barbie clothes will fit any 11 ½ to 12 inch fashion doll. You can find the clothes at any toy store, but if you crochet, you may find it much more rewarding to make them yourself. In addition, Barbie clothes are a fast project for beginning crocheters and allow you to try out more intricate patterns in a small format. Try these two patterns for pretty outfits that you can stitch up in no time, using very little in the way of materials.

Barbie Crochet Dress Pattern

Completed Crochet Barbie Dress Pattern

To download these free patterns, click on the images. The PDF printable patterns will open in a new tab or window and you can either download them to your computer or print them out. If you need help downloading the patterns, check out these helpful tips.

Barbie looks stunning in this cute little mini dress. She is all set for her lunch date or a day at the mall. Choose a multi-colored yarn for a pretty effect on the finished dress.

Barbie Dress Crochet Pattern Printable PDF
Click here for Barbie dress printable pattern.

Barbie Crochet Short Set Pattern

This cute Barbie short set is perfect for Barbie when she is lounging around the house or spending some time outside. It consists of a pair of shorts and a halter top. You can vary the colors to make several mix-and-match outfits.

Barbie Halter Top and Shorts Pattern
Click to download this Barbie crochet pattern.

Barbie Crochet Clothing Patterns Online

crochet top and shorts for barbie

You can find more free patterns on the Internet for Barbie clothes that are crocheted. Try some of these patterns to build up Barbie's wardrobe:

Dress Barbie Up in Style

With crochet doll clothes you can dress Barbie in your own designs, try out sample stitches and patterns, and build an heirloom wardrobe for the most popular doll in America. An added benefit is that you can do it all quite inexpensively. Best of all, it is a great way to use up all those scraps of yarn from your other crochet projects.

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Free Crochet Barbie Clothing Patterns