200+ Free Craft Patterns for Sewing, Woodworking, Crochet, and More

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Whether you're crafting at home, in a classroom, or to sell these patterns can give your creations a professional and original look. Use the designs as is or give them a unique twist with your own embellishment and supply selections.

Mosaic Craft Patterns

Use scraps of paper, ceramic tile pieces, or bits of beach glass to create textured mosaic art.

Paper Craft Patterns

Paper is one of the easiest crafting materials to find and work with. Use the patterns to create stunning scrapbook displays or other works of art.

Winter and Christmas Paper Craft Patterns

Start with these simple holiday crafts to decorate for Christmas then check out 90+ Free Christmas Printables for Plays, Crafts, Coloring, and More! for more great patterns and ideas.

Wood Craft Patterns

You don't have to be a master craftsman to create intricate designs with wood. From string art to scroll saws, free patterns will make friends and family envious of your skills.

Stained Glass Patterns

Make beautifully detailed stained glass projects with these elegant and intricate design patterns.

Thanksgiving Stained Glass Patterns

Take your Thanksgiving decor to the next level with a turkey, pilgrim, or cornucopia glass project.

Felting Patterns

Use old wool sweaters or craft felt to create useful or decorative items with a handmade look.

Sewing Patterns

If you've got a sewing machine or love to hand-sew, these patterns can help you create everything from apparel to home goods and baby items.

Applique Sewing Patterns

Add a unique touch to bags, clothes, and linens with cute applique patterns.

Adult Apparel Patterns

If you love having an original style, try out these clothing patterns in your favorite fabrics.

Accessory Sewing Patterns

Make your own clothing and accessories for a unique wardrobe that fits your personality and style.

Purse and Bag Patterns

Home Goods Sewing Patterns

Give your home a facelift with these creative projects or give them away as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions.

Sewn Quilt Patterns

Challenge your sewing skills with quilted crafts to show off your creativity and abilities.

Sewing Patterns For Pets

For many people, pets are like family. Give your furry friend a makeover with cute and comfortable apparel.

Knitting Patterns

If you love the look and feel of knitted gear, make your own with these useful patterns.

Knitted Toy Patterns

Give the kids in your life unique toys they can snuggle and love when you create knitted toys.

Christmas Knitting Patterns

Give your Christmas tree a personal touch with cute and unusual knitted ornaments.

Crochet Patterns

Whether it's your form of therapy and relaxation or your livelihood, crocheting takes skill and patience.

Crocheted Adult Clothing Patterns

Give your closet a homey look with handmade clothes using your favorite yarns.

Crocheted Winter Accessory Patterns

Keep your whole body warm this winter with comfy hats, scarves, gloves, and leg warmers.

Crocheted Footwear Patterns

Give your fee the gift of comfort and style with these slippers and sandals projects.

Accessory Sewing Patterns

Outfit yourself or others with trendy, fashionable, handcrafted crochet apparel and accessories using these original patterns.

Crochet Baby Patterns

Soft, homemade baby clothes and blankets keep baby warm and cozy. Go for a classic blanket or get creative with projects like an owl hat.

Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns

Take your Thanksgiving celebrations to the next level with these cute and easy crafts.

Christmas Crochet Patterns

Add handcrafted joy to your holiday decorations with hanging crocheted Christmas patterns.

Get Your Craft On

Whether you're a beginner or an expert craft patterns, make the process easier and take your crafts to the next level. Many patterns can be used with more than one medium giving you lots of resources and flexibility in your creative process.

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200+ Free Craft Patterns for Sewing, Woodworking, Crochet, and More