How to Find Free Beading Patterns


Beads can be combined in an endless array of different patterns to create beautiful jewelry and other items. If you're not up for creating a pattern of your own, take advantage of any of the countless free bead patterns available online. From basic and beginner patterns to complex and advanced, there are free patterns to fit all skill levels.

Sites With Free Bead Patterns

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Most beaders start out making relatively basic jewelry, such as one-strand necklaces, basic earrings and simple bracelets. Once you've mastered these techniques it's time to get started on some more complex projects. There are numerous ways you can use beads in patterns and numerous methods of instruction, so explore a number of different sites to see what they have to offer.

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The following online destinations include a variety of patterns, styles, and techniques for you to consider.


A great basic site for learning how to bead jewelry is Beadage. This site has instructions for basic beaded necklaces and earrings, as well as hemp jewelry, wire-worked jewelry and more. The gallery can also provide inspiration, though these pieces don't come with instructions. Use the notes, which explain what kind of thread or wire was used and a good description of the piece, so you can make one similar.

Fire Mountain Gems

Although Fire Mountain Gems is out to sell you something, the company's patterns section shows off its beads beautifully in the hopes that you will buy all the supplies to make yourself a piece just like the ones shown. It's still a great site for tips, techniques, patterns and projects, from dream catcher earrings to beautiful beaded animals.

Bead Patterns

If you've got some time to browse, head over to This link points you to the free section of the site, where there are nearly 300 patterns, including necklaces, bead bracelets, weaving information and patterns, stitch tutorials, rings, fringe and more. This is a great site to discover just what can be done with beads.

Rings & Things

For all sorts of easy projects visit Rings & Things. This site has a good collection of jewelry, wine glass charms, beaded projects, wire projects, macramé, crystal angels and more. Instructions are detailed and well illustrated.

All Crafts

Scroll down on the All Crafts Jewelry page and you will find links to a good collection of free beading patterns. Many of these are for home décor projects or holiday inspired designs. There are some missing links here, but the ones that are still live are worth the effort.


If you're looking for something a little different, try quilting with seed beads. Craftsy offers a free tutorial which teaches the basic techniques. Once you learn it, you can apply it and create your own original designs.

Ruby's Bead Work is also quite primitive in its website design, but the patterns themselves are well-illustrated and easy to follow. There are plenty of patterns for beaded jewelry lovers to enjoy here, from simple jump rings to intricate peyote pieces.

All Free Jewelry Making

If you want to learn some of the coolest techniques, All Free Jewelry Making has quite a few seed beading projects for things like Egyptian bracelets, Russian spirals, and Tila Bead Openwork among others.


Free Patterns features some great home décor patterns, as well as jewelry and accessories. Choose from patterns including sun catchers, cork board sets, flower pots, ornaments and more.

More Free Beading Patterns and Projects

In addition to these sites, check out these free beading patterns and projects:

Free Patterns for All Types of Beadwork

The internet is a great resource for beading patterns and project ideas, no matter what your skill level might be. Before ordering patterns online or through a catalog or purchasing a book of beading patterns, take some time to browse the free offerings you can find at these sites. You just might be inspired by these patterns and save some money at the same time.

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How to Find Free Beading Patterns