Free Backpack Knitting Pattern

Knitting a backpack can be an easy project.

While a fabric or craft store may stock the supplies you need to make a new bag, the Internet makes it easy to find the free backpack knitting pattern you want.

Finding a Free Backpack Knitting Pattern

When you look online for a free backpack knitting pattern, you will have more than enough selections from which to choose. It all depends on the style and size of backpack you are looking to make, as well as the kind of yarn and stitch you want to use.

Children's Backpacks

A children's backpack, or knapsack as it is also commonly called, has many uses. It can hold books for school or be packed for an overnight visit to Grandma's house. It can be lined for durability or simply stitched and used as more of a decorative item. Whatever the use, you can be sure the child you are making this for will love and enjoy it. Here are some Internet sites with some free children's backpack patterns:

  • Knitty - Little Purls of Wisdom has a cute felted backpack for girls that is pink, purple and perfect for school.
  • Knitting-and has instructions for a cute toddler-sized backpack made by fulling knitting. A list of needed supplies and a picture of the finished product is also included.

Adult Backpacks

Adults use knapsacks for a variety of reasons -- as purse or duffel bag or simply just as an accessory to an outfit. Here are a few online sites that have some free backpack knitting patterns:

  • Lion Brand has a great "Jiffy" backpack that is easy to knit. However, you may need to register with this site to receive the free knitting patterns.
  • Cascade Yarns has a unique knapsack pattern available.

Backpacks Kids Can Knit

If you have a young knitter in your family, there are several styles of backpacks that she can make. For example:

  • The Beginner Knit Backpack should take a novice knitter about four hours to create. With only a handful of knitting supplies needed to make this pint-size pack, the cost should also be minimal.

Pattern Books

If you can't find a pattern online, check out your local library or bookstore. There are several books available with free patterns for backpacks. They include:

A Final Thought

Remember, when knitting a backpack, make sure the style and size of it is what you want. You don't want to loosely knit a backpack for your child to carry school books. If you are giving the bag as a gift, finding out the recipient's favorite colors ahead of time will help shopping for yarn go much smoother.

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Free Backpack Knitting Pattern