Finger Knitting

finger knitting

Knitting generally uses needles to work a pattern, but finger knitting is an alternative for fun and useful knit projects. Finger knitting is perfect for children who aren't yet dexterous enough to master knitting with needles, and can be a relaxing activity even for experienced knitters.

How to Finger Knit

Follow these simple, illustrated instructions to get started with finger knitting. If you need help downloading the printable instructions, check out these helpful tips.

For right handed knitters, place the tail of the yarn between the thumb and index finger of your left hand, with the palm facing you. For lefties, do the same but on your right hand. The tail end should be on the palm side with the yarn leading to the ball on the other side.

1. Tie a slipknot and place it over your index finger. This will count as a loop.

finger knit 1

2. Wrap the yarn in a clockwise motion around your second finger.

finger knitting 2

3. Continue wrapping to put a second loop on your second finger.

finger knit 3

4. Wrap a second loop around your index finger.

finger knitting 4

5. Pull the bottom loop over the second loop and off of your finger, on both fingers. This creates the first row of finger knitting.

finger knitting step 5

6. Repeat steps 1-5 to continue adding rows of knitting until your piece is the desired length.

7. To end the piece, after completing step five for your final stitch, place both of the remaining loops on one finger. Cut the yarn leaving a 3-inch tail. Pull the tail through the loops and then tie an overhand knot with the end of the piece. Trim the end of the yarn or weave it into the finished piece.

To knit with three or four fingers, simply follow the instructions as written, looping the yarn over three or four fingers instead of two.

Projects to Knit With Your Fingers

These projects are fun and easy to make for anyone who knows how to finger knit.

Finger Knitted Headband

Make these pretty hair bands with bows on top in a variety of colors to match your favorite outfits.

finger knitted headband
Click here to download this pattern.

Loopy Rope Necklace

You can make this necklace as long as you'd like, depending on how many times you want to loop it around your neck.

Finger knitted necklace
Click here to download this pattern.

Fun Fashion Scarf

A scarf will take more time to create than either of the other two patterns, so set aside plenty of time to knit.

Finger knitted scarf
Click here for this printable pattern.

No Needles Necessary

Even though you wouldn't be able to knit a Shetland shawl this way, finger knitting can still be an enjoyable way to create fun and functional items. Even without needles, you can still knit and make something beautiful.

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Finger Knitting