Examples of Monograms


Looking at examples of monograms makes it easy to see just how versatile this simple form of embellishment can be.

About Monograms

A monogram is a decorative design made by overlapping letters to create a symbol. Monograms can be used as an artist's signature, a company logo, or an accent for a personalized gift.

Script style or calligraphy typefaces are by far the most popular choice for creating a monogram embellishment. If you're looking for a more masculine appearance, however, you may wish to consider a monogram created with block lettering. This style is simple, understated, and works very well in contemporary home décor.

Examples of Monograms Online

One of the easiest ways to find examples of monograms online is to look at the sites of stores which sell monogrammed invitations or household gifts. For example:

Looking at examples from several different Web sites is a good way to learn more about the wide variety of monogramming options that are available. Print out your favorites and experiment with combining different elements of various styles to make your own special monogram.

For specific tips on how to create a monogram, LoveToKnow Crafts recommends checking out the following helpful articles:

How to Make a Monogram

The procedure for creating a monogram varies according to whether the monogram is to represent an individual or a married couple.Monogram for a single person:

  • First initial on the left
  • Larger last initial in the center
  • Middle initial on the right

A monogram for a single person who does not have a middle name:

  • First initial on the left
  • The last initial on the right, made the same size as the first initial

A monogram for a person with two middle names:

  • Use four equally sized initials in order from left to right

A monogram for a married couple with a shared last name:

  • Her first initial on the left
  • Larger last name initial in the middle
  • His first name initial on the right

A monogram for a married couple with a hyphenated last name:

  • Her first initial on the left
  • Larger last name initials in the middle, such as a large J and N for James-Nelsen
  • His first name initial on the right

Using Monograms in Craft Projects

Monograms can be incorporated into a variety of projects. Although the monogram is most often associated with weddings or anniversaries, monograms can be appropriate for almost any occasion. A college student may appreciate a monogrammed bathrobe, while a monogrammed baby blanket makes a lovely present for a new parent.Traditionally, monograms were added to paper projects by hand using calligraphy. Today, however, many people use digital image editing software to make their monograms. If you're interested in paper crafts, consider adding monograms to:

  • Address labels
  • Envelopes
  • Note cards
  • Letterhead
  • Party invitations
  • Framed wall art
  • Gift tags

If you enjoy embroidery, you can stitch a monogram onto a plain item in order to make a personalized gift. The stitching can be done by hand or by using an embroidery machine. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Bathrobe
  • Pillowcase
  • Tote bag
  • Cosmetics case
  • Handkerchief

Embroidery Library has a help page packed with information you can use to trouble shoot problems as they arise. This is a handy reference to keep in your craft room if you plan to do monogramming on a regular basis.

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