Examples of Good Typography

Enhance your projects with creative typography.

Examples of good typography are all around you if you know where to look.

Why Is Typography Important?

As a crafter, you may find yourself wondering why typography is important. While the study of typography principles is a key element in any graphic design course, this is one area that is often overlooked when teaching crafting basics. However, crafters can employ their knowledge of typography when:

  • Making scrapbook layouts
  • Stenciling a quote onto a painted plaque
  • Creating a collage
  • Rubber stamping handmade greeting cards
  • Incorporating charms with sayings into beaded jewelry
  • Writing a poem in calligraphy
  • Making altered art projects

Rules for Effective Typography

You don't need to spend hours pouring over textbooks to improve your understanding of typography. You'll be able to use typography more effectively in your craft projects if you just keep in mind a few simple tips. For example:

  • Less is more. Keep the number of fonts on your page to a minimum. It's much better to use two or three different fonts effectively than it is to use seven or eight different fonts to make one confusing jumble of type.
  • Leave enough "white space" on your page. Having some blank space on your page gives the viewer some breathing room. Resist the temptation to fill every inch of your page with text.
  • Use contrast to distinguish between elements. Having one element in bold type or printed at a noticeably larger size is a simple way to communicate its importance on the page.
  • Keep it consistent. Good typography showcases standardized design. In the pages of a scrapbook album showcasing pictures from your vacation, for example, it's useful for the viewer to know where to look on each layout to find the journaling and photo captions.

Online Examples of Good Typography

If you're trying to improve your knowledge of typography, it's helpful to study the work of other designers to learn more about what appeals to your personal taste and what techniques can be used to most effectively convey the message of your project. You can find examples of good typography in both contemporary and traditional styles by visiting the following helpful links:

Keeping a small notebook filled with examples of good typography is a great way to make sure a source of inspiration is handy whenever you begin work on a new project. Print your favorite examples from the Web sites listed above, collect newspaper or magazine clippings that showcase typographical techniques you want to try, and save interesting design elements from product packaging. To make your inspiration book more useful, try to organize the ideas by their style.

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Examples of Good Typography