Easy Valentine Card Projects for Kids

Making Valentines

Easy Valentine craft projects for kids can be a great money-saver. Plus, when kids make their own custom Valentine cards instead of using ones from the store, theirs will really stand out. It's likely kids will get several cards with the latest cartoon characters on them, but only a couple homemade cards in their entire "mailbox" at school.

Patterned Heart Cards

To make these cards, you need scissors, school glue, 8.5 by 11 inch sheets of card stock and either old wallpaper or patterned scrapbook paper.

  1. Fold the cardstock in half, and in half again.
  2. Unfold it and cut along the fold lines.
  3. Take each of the four pieces and fold it in half lengthwise to make four cards.
  4. Cut small hearts out of the patterned paper.
  5. Arrange the hearts on the front of the card any way you wish.
  6. Glue them in place.
  7. Write a message on the inside of the card. Kids can add a greeting to the outside too if they like.

Hugs and Kisses Cards

You'll need the same materials as above for these, plus a one hole punch and a ruler.

  1. Cut the card stock into fourths, as above, but do not fold the cards.
  2. Draw a circle of about 2 inches in diameter on the patterned paper.
  3. Cut out the circle and punch a hole in it somewhere near the center.
  4. Glue the circle to the right hand side of the front of the card.
  5. Cut out two strips of patterned paper about 1 inch wide by 2 inches long.
  6. Arrange them to form an X on the left hand side of the card. Glue.
  7. Flip the card over and add a greeting.

Flower Cards

To make these cards, you need 8.5 by 11 inch sheets of construction paper, cupcake pan liners and markers. It can also help to print out a clip art image of a bumble bee.

  1. Pick two colors of cupcake liner to use to make the flower.
  2. Flatten one liner completely and keep the other one in its original shape.
  3. Fold the construction paper in half widthwise.
  4. Glue the flattened liner down somewhere on the top third of the card's cover.
  5. Glue the second liner on top of it, matching up the centers.
  6. Draw a stem and leaves with marker or create them with green construction paper.
  7. Print and cut out a clip art bee or draw one next to the flower's head.
  8. Write "Bee My Valentine!" on the card.

Heart-Shaped Cards

One of the most well-known of Valentines, this one is surprisingly easy to make. It requires red or pink construction paper (any size), scissors, glue and glitter.

  1. Fold the construction paper exactly in half.
  2. Draw a shape that looks like a lopsided ice cream cone.
  3. Make sure the straight side meets the fold in the card.
  4. Cut along the lines you drew, except do not cut on the fold.
  5. Unfold your heart and trace the outside edge with glue.
  6. Pour glitter over the card and shake off any excess.
  7. Write a greeting with glue and cover it with glitter.
  8. Again, shake off the excess glitter.
  9. Lay the card flat to dry.

More Easy Valentine Craft Projects for Kids

Cards are not the only easy Valentine craft projects for kids. They can also make hats, sculptures, piñatas and more. Some sites that offer additional ideas include:

Note that these crafts are not just for kids. You may want to use one of these ideas to surprise a special someone in your life.

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Easy Valentine Card Projects for Kids