Easy Homemade Christmas Cards

Easy Homemade Christmas Cards

Easy homemade Christmas cards make it possible to send a unique holiday greeting without wasting time that could be spent shopping for gifts, decorating your home, or baking Christmas cookies.

Step 1

To begin making easy homemade Christmas cards, you'll need to choose the papers for your project. If you're not using a pre-made base for your cards, you'll need one sheet of patterned paper for the card and two or three coordinating scraps to use for your present embellishments. If you are using a pre-made base, you'll just need the paper scraps of your choice.

Step 2

Cut your paper into squares using scissors or a paper trimmer. You can also use a punch or die cutting machine if you happen to have these tools available.

Step 3

Use a brown ink pad or chalk to lightly go over the edges of your squares. This will give them some added dimension.

Step 4

Glue the squares onto your card. A glue stick will work just fine, but you could also try using foam adhesive squares if you want the presents to seem to "pop" off the page.

Step 5

Add the ribbon bows to complete your card. Attach them with scrapbooking glue dots.

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Easy Homemade Christmas Cards