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Easy Halloween Crafts

Dana Hinders
Celebrate with easy Halloween crafts!

If you're planning on throwing a Halloween party, you may find yourself in search of easy Halloween crafts to help you have a wonderful celebration on a tight budget.


A great Halloween party starts with a fun invitation! To make a special Halloween card for your friends and family:

  1. Trace your hand on green cardstock or construction paper.
  2. Cut out the image, then glue to a piece of folded black cardstock.
  3. Use a red marker or colored pencil to add fingernails to the image.
  4. Write "I want you to come!" on the front of the card using a pen with white or silver ink.
  5. On the inside of the card, print your party details.


Set the mood for your party by placing a Halloween tree near your front door. Simply spray paint a large branch black and place it in a sturdy flowerpot filled with dirt. Make Halloween ornaments for the branches by using small stickers or rub-ons to decorate yellow, orange, or silver Christmas tree bulbs. Alternatively, you can fill clear glass bulbs with curled bits of Halloween-themed paper.

Spooky pumpkin luminaries make great mood lighting for your party, as long as you remember to place them where they will be safely out of reach of children and pets. Decoupage strips of orange fabric around glass canning jars, then use yellow fabric to add facial features. When you're finished, add a small tea light candle inside the jar.

To decorate your windows, print out the spooky cat window decorations from the Improvements Catalog site and cut with a craft knife.

Better Homes and Gardens has a monster mouth treat holder that would be a wonderful centerpiece for your table, since no Halloween party is complete without lots of candy!


Carving pumpkins is a natural choice for Halloween party entertainment. However, if you're looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, printable games are easy Halloween crafts that are sure to be a hit with your guests. DLTK Kids has a number of fun printable games that you can make to keep partygoers entertained. For example:

If you think your guests would enjoy completing a short craft project, here are some more ideas to consider:

Party Favors

It's customary to send guests home with a small gift to help them remember your party. Great Kids Birthday Parties has several printable Halloween masks that are easy to make and can double as inexpensive party favors for your guests. A variety of designs are available for download, including Dracula, Frankenstein, a ghost, and a tiger. Simply print the artwork onto heavyweight cardstock, cut out the shape, and add elastic string or a wooden dowel to use as a handle.

Cute pumpkin Halloween bags make a great party favor for children. Fill them with an assortment of candy kids can take home.

If you'd prefer an edible party favor, Martha Stewart's candy creatures are simply adorable. However, this project may be too time-consuming if you're expecting a large number of guests.

More Easy Halloween Crafts

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For more tips on planning a party that earns rave reviews, check out the articles at LoveToKnow Party. If you're looking for a cool Halloween costume, LoveToKnow Costumes has advice on selecting the perfect attire for your celebration.

Easy Halloween Crafts