Cross Stitch with Beads Instructions and Kits

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When you want to cross stitch with beads, instructions and kits make your projects easier and more enjoyable. When you add beads to your cross stitching, the finished project will have added dimension and depth.

Basic Instructions for Cross Stitching with Beads

Whether you are using a cross stitching kit, a printed pattern or a pattern you have designed yourself, the basic technique for adding beads is always the same.

  1. Follow the cross stitch directions that came with your project until reaching an area that you would like to bead.
  2. Select a bead that matches the color of the floss you are using in that specific area of your project.
  3. Pull the needle up from the bottom of your cross stitch canvas, making a half stitch. Place the bead onto the needle and push it down onto the floss making sure that it goes to the bottom of the floss.
  4. Complete the stitch by pushing the needle back into the fabric from the top side down.
  5. Repeat the process with the second half of the cross stitch that goes in the opposite direction creating the X shape.
  6. Add all of the beads to the area you are working on in this way.
  7. Always make sure that when you are finished adding your beads to one section of your project that you tie off the floss in that area.

Online Instructions with Diagrams

The following websites offer excellent diagrams along with their instructions for various techniques of cross stitching with beads:

  • Cross Stitching
  • Treasured Tapestries shows anchoring techniques including:
    • Traditional beading method
    • The loop method
    • The away knot
  • Treasured Tapestries also gives instructions with diagrams on attaching beads using different methods:
    • Half stitch method allows the bead to lay diagonally
    • Cross stitch method allows the bead to lay vertically
    • Split cross stitch method allows the bead to lay diagonally
    • Methods for attaching random beads

Tips for Cross Stitch with Beads, Instructions, and Kits

  • Most crafters use beads that match the color of the floss they are using in their cross stitch project.
  • The easiest type of bead to work with is a seed bead. However, there are many different varieties of beads that are suitable for cross stitch projects.
  • Crafter's tools that make it easier to pick up the beads and thread them onto the needle include bead nappers and threaders.

Where to Find Cross Stitch Kits with Beads

The Internet is an excellent resource for crafters with its vast array of websites offering crafting ideas, supplies and kits. The following websites are a small sampling of the websites offering cross stitch kits with beads:

Cross Stitch Beads

Most beads used in cross stitching projects are made of glass. There are two types of colored beads. They are either made from actual colored glass or they have a shiny coating over clear glass. Often the coating on the beads comes off easily, sometimes just from the beads rubbing on each other in their packaging. A well-known company for cross stitch beads is Mill Hill Beads. Most craft stores, both off and online, carry Mill Hill beads. There are many styles and colors of Mill Hill beads including:

  • Seed beads
  • Frosted beads
  • Petite beads
  • Crayon beads
  • Antique beads
  • Pebble beads
  • Bugle beads
  • Magnifica beads

Another company that offers beads for cross stitching projects is Swarovski Crystal.


When you cross stitch with beads, instructions and kits make it easier for many crafters to create a beautiful finished project. If you are unable to find a cross stitch kit with beads that appeals to you, do not hesitate to be creative. Any cross stitch piece looks lovely with the added style of beads. Go ahead and add them to your project and create a truly unique cross stitch project.


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