Cross Stitch Freebies

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The Internet is full of wonderful websites offering cross stitch freebies.

The Art of Cross Stitching

Cross stitching has often been referred to as the art of painting using your needle and threads of exquisite color to transform each canvas into a beautiful work of art. Finished canvases in many styles, designs and motifs prove that cross stitching is an art form where even the youngest artist can create a personal masterpiece.

Types of Cross Stitch Freebies

There are numerous online resources that offer freebies for cross stitching. If you need a particular pattern or chart, you will most likely be able to find it offered online for free from a fellow crafter. Cross stitching ideas, tips, tricks and hints are plentiful. There are also cross stitching newsletters that will be delivered free to your email and freebies that you can receive in your snail mail box.

Free Cross Stitch Patterns, Charts and More

Many of the websites that offer free cross stitch patterns also offer other types of freebies and links to additional free cross stitching resources.

  • Free Patterns is a popular website offering beautiful free cross stitch patterns in a large variety of designs and styles. To receive access to all of these wonderful free patterns simply join the website. The types of pattern designs offered include:
    • Samplers
    • Wall hangings
    • Linens
    • Bibs
    • Bookmarks
    • Ornaments
    • Gifts
    • Aprons
    • Fruit and Floral
    • Plant Pokes
    • Basket Trims
    • Stitched Art
    • Garden Visitors
  • Many free patterns are available from Free Patterns Online. Carrie Luhmann Pieniozek, designer of these beautiful cross stitch patterns, has been practicing her craft since she was six.
  • Cross Stitch Keepsakes offers free designer patterns. Due to copyright concerns, however, several of the designers have asked that their patterns be distributed through snail mail or email. If you want one of those designer patterns for free, simply send an email to the website. The designers include:
    • Bent Creek
    • Lizzie Kate
    • Heart in Hand
    • Erica Michaels
    • Pine Mountain Designs
    • San Man Originals
    • Trail Creek Farm
  • Free Cross Stitch Pattern has over 200 free patterns for you to download and enjoy. The patterns are simple to find and include easy to understand instructions. This website offers patterns for everyone from the beginner to the expert including classic paintings, adorable cartoons and holiday designs.
  • Offering 59 free cross stitch patterns, Alita Designs includes elegant florals, cute teddy bears and exquisite animals amongst their offerings.
  • Bird lovers will enjoy the free patterns offered at Bird Cross Stitch. Hummingbirds, sand hill cranes and cardinals are only a few of the magnificent bird patterns on this beautiful website. Also offered are free pattern designs that include:
    • A peacock design taken from a sampler dated 1742
    • Birds at a fountain design taken from a sampler dated 1742
    • Little animals created by young cross stitchers in the 1700s and 1800s
    • Flower designs taken from an antique sampler

    The same website also offers a page of entitled Jenny's Free Cross Stitch Pattern Links with an excellent assortment of patterns.

  • Craft Town offers links to many websites with free cross stitch charts.

More Free Cross Stitch Resources


Whether you are an experienced cross stitcher or new to the craft, the cross stitch freebies available online are an invaluable resource. Find a pattern you love, download it and enjoy creating a masterpiece with your needle and thread. Showcase your finished work in a anything from a frame to a fun cross stitch pillow.

Cross Stitch Freebies