Crocheted Valentine Crafts


Lacy and beautiful, crocheted Valentine crafts are the perfect gifts for Valentine's Day. They are often quick projects that use up scraps of yarn. Because of this, they also are great craft ideas to sell for church bazaars, craft shows, or your online shop.

Quick and Easy Crocheted Valentine Crafts

When you want to make a special Valentine gift, but you find that you are in the midst of a time crunch or your budget is tight from all of the Christmas gift buying you did, a quick crocheted craft is the answer.

Projects made with larger hooks and bulky yarns will often be finished faster than the projects that utilize cotton thread and steel hooks. Consider the amount of time that you have to work on the project, as well as your crochet experience when deciding on a craft. Make sure that you have time to complete it before Valentine's Day. Some quick and easy Valentine crafts are:

Crocheted Crafts for Experienced Crocheters

The following crafts may be more intricate or use a variety of stitches and techniques. They are more challenging and best done by those crafters that have experience.

Presentation Is Everything

If you are making crocheted Valentine crafts as gifts, remember that presentation is everything. Specialty shops and boutiques package their items in ways that make them seem even more special. You can easily do this at home with some imagination. Here are a few ideas:

  • Brown paper lunch bag tied with red raffia
  • Wrapped in Valentine's Day fabric
  • Pinned on a small teddy bear
  • Add a homemade card

Valentine's Day All Year

Many Valentine's Day crochet projects are items that can be used as decorative objects throughout the year. Hearts, flowers, and even the colors fit in with many people's décor. These projects are a great way to relax and show some love.

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Crocheted Valentine Crafts