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To create a long-lasting memory for a special little girl, consider making a crochet doll hat. LoveToKnow Crafts has found some great patterns and sites for you to check out.

About Crochet Doll Hats

Some people use crochet doll hat patterns to create hats for premature babies. Many of these patterns are simple to use and great for beginners. If you are searching for a homemade gift to give a tiny preemie, a doll hat may be just the thing!

No matter who or what will wear the hat, there are plenty of patterns to choose from. You may need to modify the pattern you choose somewhat, however, to fit the doll's head. Just be sure you pay attention to the suggested dimensions before you begin.

Patterns and Sites

Most crochet websites offer doll hat patterns that are free for you to use, but others may charge a nominal fee. Keep in mind that thread colors may be suggested, but you are free to choose your own design.

The following sites will give you links to some great patterns:

  • Infant or Doll's Hat: This pattern is fast and easy to complete. It uses a stitch called "single crochet front back bobble". You'll need worsted weight acrylic yarn in variegated pastel color of choice, a size H/8 aluminum crochet hook, and a yarn needle for weaving in ends.
  • Baby Doll Hat: This small doll hat will fit a head of about 3 inches in diameter. You can download it as a PDF file.
  • Baby Beret: The size of this beret is about 15 or 16 inches. It only uses 10 rows, and it's adorable! Materials include a few ounces of a soft worsted weight yarn and a size K crochet hook.
  • Baby Doll Bonnet: This pattern is more advanced and fits a 12 inch baby doll.
  • Baby Doll Cap: This pattern is rated easy to medium difficulty.
  • Doll Dress, Hat, and Shrug: You can create a matching set for your doll with this pattern. Use matching or coordinating yarn.
  • Doll Hat: This is an elegant crochet doll hat. The pattern difficulty is considered medium.
  • My Little Newborn: The circumference of this hat is 6 ½ to 7 inches. It is considered an easy pattern and uses a 4 ply worsted weight yarn.
  • Doll Headband: Try this headband pattern for a nice change. It's considered easy and uses a size P needle.
  • Doll Hood: This is another easy pattern that looks great in chenille.
  • Hoodie: This hoodie is rated medium difficulty and fits an 18 inch doll.
  • Rose Brim Hat: This is an adorable pattern that will look great on any doll or baby!
  • Baby Pigtail Hat: This hat will fit a doll's head that had a 13 to 14 inch circumference. It uses a hook size H and is considered an easy pattern.
  • Sun Toboggan: This is a great pattern that will work well for a newborn or a larger baby doll.
  • Baby Doll Cap: This pattern is perfect for a little boy baby or baby doll. It is considered easy to medium difficulty.
  • Fashion Doll Kerchief: Make your doll the most fashionable doll in the neighborhood with this hat!
  • Bev's Country Cottage: Check out this site to find lots of great doll clothes patterns, especially if you are interested in crochet Barbie instructions.

Once you become more adept at crochet, you can try your hand at more complicated patterns. You may even want to design a few of your own. If you have any tips, patterns you'd like to share, or suggestions, please let us know!

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Crochet Doll Hat