Crochet Baby Bib

crochet baby bib

A crochet baby bib is a nice departure from commercial bibs made of synthetic material. Not only is a crochet bib a practical addiction to baby's wardrobe, but it is also durable, attractive and capable of standing up to wear and tear. Even if you are a beginner crocheter, you can whip up an adorable baby bib in no time using this free pattern.

Baby Bib Crochet Pattern

Choose any color of soft cotton yarn for this simple and fun project. You can even make your border in a coordinating color if you wish.

To download the baby bib pattern, click on the pattern image or the text below to open up the .pdf file in a new window or tab. You will have the option to save the pattern or print it out. If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips.

Crochet baby bib
Click here for a printable pattern.

Other Styles of Crocheted Bibs

There are many free crochet patterns online. Some are free, and some aren't. Many of these are very inexpensive to purchase, however.

  • Crochet Patty: At this site, you'll find a pattern for an adorable baby bear bib.
  • Barbs Craft Books: This pattern is for a vintage bib with ribbon and a button closure.
  • Crochet 'n' More: This preemie crochet pattern is perfect for smaller babies.
  • Shona's Place: Try this pretty granny square bib that is so simple to make that you could create several in one sitting.
  • Antique Crochet Patterns: If you're looking for a more challenging project, this bib is the perfect solution. Pretty and lacy-looking, this bib will become a keepsake.

Crochet a Great Baby Shower Gift

A crocheted baby bib is a great baby shower gift and can be made fairly quickly. Consider making a set of three coordinating colors and giving them together as a gift . If you are ambitious, you can also crochet a coordinating baby blanket or even a sweater set.

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Crochet Baby Bib