Craft Show Booth Displays


Craft show booth displays, as the seasoned participant knows, are an important element of success at shows. For the novice, it is important to give some thought to how goods will be displayed, not only in terms of marketing those goods to the public, but also in terms of convenience and portability. While sales are an essential focus, networking is also of importance. Fussy or difficult to set up craft show booth displays can consume time that could be spent on valuable networking opportunities.

Create Successful Craft Show Booth Displays

The ideal craft show display will draw the eye and attention of potential customers to your goods. It will make it easy for a passerby whose attention has been captured to see what you have to offer and invite further exploration of your offerings, making good use of space and table placement to create a natural flow of traffic.

There are many opinions on the best way to achieve that ideal. Some people like all the latest and greatest bells and whistles. Others prefer a more low-key, traditional approach to their craft show booth displays, one that is also highlighted with sleek and professional marketing concepts. Still others think the answer lies in costly, designer equipment.

Each of those approaches does have something to offer to the average craft show participant. The important thing is choosing the elements that work for you and your products, as well as selecting options that will accentuate, rather than overpower, the products you are offering for sale. For example, blinking neon signs and sleekly modern display designs may not be the best choice for intricately designed Victorian era handcrafts.

Things like lighting and signage are important for your booth area, and should be chosen to match the tone and feel of the products offered. Color schemes need to be chosen with care, with thought to drawing the eye to the products and letting those items take center stage. The organization of your goods is important. Consider location, how much handling the goods can withstand, and whether the placement of certain items leaves them vulnerable to damage. Place tables in a way that invites exploration and creates a natural flow of traffic to where you want your customers to end up.

Choose Equipment Wisely

While the quality of your display is important, another essential aspect of smartly chosen display equipment is ease of use. Craft show booth displays that are overly complex and time consuming in their setting up and breaking down are often far more hassle than they are worth. There are more important things to do with your time at a craft show, such as networking with other crafters and connecting with potential customers.

Portability is another essential element of good craft show display equipment. You'll want to be sure that it fits conveniently into the vehicle you'll be transporting yourself and your goods to the show in. You'll also want to think about whether or not you can move your display equipment on your own if you have to.

Cost doesn't always equate to quality when choosing display equipment. Durability and quality of manufacture are key elements to consider when selecting the equipment you need. A smartly designed piece that will last through many shows is worth spending a bit extra on, but a piece that has those qualities and is available at a bargain price is even better.

There are many sources of quality equipment, and buying new isn't always necessary. In addition to the standard retail outlets, there is also internet shopping and checking the local outlets for used equipment. Networking time at craft shows can locate used equipment that other crafters are looking to get rid of at a reasonable price.

Let Your Display Enhance Your Experience

Attending craft shows, while they are an exciting opportunity to sell your wares and make valuable business connections, should also be enjoyable. Making smart choices in your craft show booth displays can help to boost sales, increase your connections with other crafters and potential customers, and enhance your enjoyment of your next craft show experience.

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