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Craft Projects Using Bells

bells, jingle bells

Craft projects using bells can be found for almost any time of the year. While you may be more familiar with Christmas crafts using bells, there are many ways to use bells in your crafting.

Wedding Crafts

Weddings, bridal showers, and anniversaries are wonderful opportunities to use bells in your projects.

  • A bell or two can be attached to a wrapped gift or gift bag. This adds a little extra creativity to the package; the little jingle that it makes whenever it is moved is cheerful and fun.
  • In many parts of the country, it is traditional to ring a small bell at the reception to make the bride and groom kiss. Just get medium size bells and thread ribbon through the tops. Use ribbon in the bride's colors to coordinate with the rest of the wedding details. Tie the ribbon in a bow and allow the ribbon ends to trail down the bell. Place one near each setting at the reception.
  • Bells can also be attached to small dowels and rung in lieu of throwing rice as the couple leaves the wedding ceremony. You can find instruction at Chica and Jo.
  • Small bells can be attached to home-crafted cards, place cards, and invitations.

Christmas Crafts

Of course, the holiday season is one in which many people use bells for craft projects. Bells can be attached to everything from wreaths to scarves. Just be creative in your thinking. Here are some great ideas for Christmas projects using bells:

  • Santa, Snowman, or Rudolph bells are adorable hung on the tree or added to a door knob or wreath. You will need the bigger cowbells for this bell project.
  • Turn candy Kisses into small tree ornaments with scraps of fabric and a few bells.

Kids Craft Projects with Bells

  • For a cute noisemaker for the Fourth of July or New Years, make these bell noisemakers.
  • Know someone who loses their keys a lot? ChildFun has instructions for jewelry and keyrings. If you make the key ring with bells it will always be easy to find.
  • Cute craft projectrs for kids, these egg carton bells will make a great rainy day project. Just scroll about halfway down the page.

Other Craft Projects Using Bells

Here are some more great ideas for using bells in your craft projects whether you sew, knit, or crochet:

  • Make a set of windchimes with some small brass bells and terra cotta pots. Just follow the instructions for this cute, fairy windchime.
  • Small bells can be attached to bookmarks with a ribbon. In this way the bell can hang out side of the book.
  • When you are making oven mitts, pot holders or casserole covers add a bell or two.
  • Knitting for baby? Sew a bell or two to the inside of the finished outfit.
  • If you crochet make some crochet slippers and add a small jingle bell to each at the top of the foot. This is especially fun when you are creating them form younger children.
  • If you are sewing pillows consider adding a bell to one of the corners.
  • Baby quilts with bells sewn on them are very cute. Just make sure that you use a bell that is not a choking hazard and sew it to the quilt firmly.

Making Tambourines with Bells

This makes an unusual and melodious musical instrument for children.


  • Two paper plates
  • A hole punch
  • ¼ inch wide ribbon or acrylic yarn long enough to go around the tambourine
  • Dried beans
  • Ten craft type jingle bells


  1. Holding two paper plates together punch holes through both plates. This will be easier if they are nestled in each other, however they will need to be turned so that the bottoms of the plates are away from each other when you make the tambourine.
  2. Repeat until there are holes around the perimeter of the plates every inch or so.
  3. Thread the ribbon or yarn up through the first set of holes. Tie it firmly with a knot to secure the one end.
  4. Thread a bell on the ribbon.
  5. Pull it back under the plates and up through the next set of holes in a tailors stitch.
  6. Repeat until the plates are mostly sewn together with bells threaded on at each hole.
  7. Fill the center with about ½ cup of dried beans.
  8. Finish sewing up the outside of the tambourine.
  9. Knot the thread firmly through the beginning hole.

There are many craft projects using bells that you can do. They are an easy addition to almost any project and add a touch of cheer to anyone's day.

Craft Projects Using Bells