Counted Cross Stitch Eagle Pattern

Eagle cross stitch

Working on a counted cross stitch eagle is a wonderful way to create a simple yet noble creature that can be used alone or combined with other designs. This project is suitable for advanced and novice cross stitchers.

Cross Stitch Eagle Pattern

This eagle pattern is easy-to-follow and makes a bold statement when finished. To open the pattern click on the image or its caption. The .pdf file that contains the pattern and instructions will open in a new tab or window, and from there you can save or print the document.

cross stitch eagle
Click here for the printable eagle pattern.

Display Suggestions for Your Eagles

Here are a few different ways that you can display your cross stitch eagle to present it as a gift.

Simple Frame

For a small and simple gift, you can purchase a wooden frame for your eagle. Depending on the size of the cross-stitch pattern, you should be able to get a frame fairly inexpensively. Though you will spend a bit of time on this gift, you will not be spending much money.

Commemorative Frame

The bald eagle is a symbol for people in many industries, including postal workers, military personnel, and wildlife workers. You can take a personalized approach to the eagle cross stitch by using a double frame or a larger collage frame. In a double frame, put the cross stitch work on one side and a photo of the person to whom you are giving the gift on the other. You also could use a larger frame. Mat and include the eagle and then put photos or newspaper clippings on the other side with cardboard backing. This collage can be a wonderful way to commemorate a fallen soldier.

Hoop Ornament

Giving an eagle cross stitch as an ornament is a different way to give this gift. Stitch the eagle and then use a small quilting hoop to put around it. Begin by attaching yarn or ribbon around one edge of the hoop. The hook will hang from this yarn, so keep that in mind when you are selecting a length. You will need to use crafting or fabric scissors to cut the cloth away around the hoop. Then you can use craft paint to write the person's name or the year on the quilting hoop.

Versatile Eagles

Whether you're creating a simple gift with a single cross-stitched image or looking for an eagle pattern as part of a larger template, this pattern will suit your needs. Eagles are national symbols that never go out of style.

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Counted Cross Stitch Eagle Pattern